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    [GUIDE] Aura System

    Dear Shiltzians,

    Looking for a fancy way to express your power?
    Search no more as from now on, all players will have the option to wear Special Effects in several ways (and colors).

    • I. Introduction.
    • II. Aura Obtention
    • III. Aura Refinement
    • IV. Soul Crystals
    • V. [NPC] Soul-Seeing Priest Rodric
    • VI. Craft UI
    • VII. Soul Equip
    • VIII. Soul Dismantle
    • IX. Aura G Refinement

    I. Introducing: Aura System
    The brand-new Auras consist of equipment item that increases a character's abilities along with special effects.
    Depending on the type of aura, there are differences in the presence or absence of effects and the appearance.

    A dedicated slot has been implemented within the equipment chart.

    II. How to Obtain Auras?
    Quite simple as they are subject to be released in every Lucky Rascal Coin, Golden Chest, or Grabbit Update.
    There are many types and colors of Auras among Lightning and Feather ones:

    However, we're already working on bringing new stunning Aura Types.
    Stay tuned for more!

    III. Aura Refinement
    Auras can be refined by using 'Aura Refine Stone' (ARS) available in Rine Beach and Pionur Mountains from bales drop.
    The Aura Refine Stone can be traded and stored in the bank.

    Following is the probability for Aura Refinements:
    N: Next Level to achieve.
    Probability: Chance for success.
    *At levels 0, 3, 6, and 9, if the refinement fails, no downgrades will be produced.
    *IMPORTANT: The required quantity of Aura Refine Stones (ARS) will be rising according to the level to achieve.
    For example: 3 ARS are required to level up to Level 3.
    5 ARS are required to level up to Level 5.
    11 ARS are required to level up to Level 11, and so on.

    IV. Soul Crystals
    These Crystals will enable your Aura to have up to 3 Soul Options (stats) when equipping them to an Aura.
    There are up to 5 Soul Crystals, each one with a possible exclusive stat to provide as follows*:
    *Red Letters refer to the exclusive possible stats per every kind of Soul Crystal.

    V. [NPC] Soul-Seeing Priest Rodric
    Feel free to locate this New NPC in every City across Shiltz and Nua as well.
    Through this NPC, players can craft, dismantle, and equip Auras along with Soul Crystals.

    VI. Craft UI
    1. You will need Soul Powder, available in Pionur Mountains and Rine Beach from bales drop, to craft Soul Crystals.
    2. Soul Boosters can increase the probability of a specific color soul crystal appearing.
    3. The Soul Powder Scroll may decrease the required number of Soul Powder to craft Soul Crystals.
    4. Soul Options Probability: Soul Crystals can provide from 0 to 3 Soul Options (stats).

    The process of crafting any Soul Crystal is as follows:
    - Minimum Soul Powders Required: 100
    - By setting up to 252 Soul Powders, there's a 100% chance of obtaining 3 Soul Options.
    - Soul Options obtention will depend on how many Soul Powders are set within the system.
    - Soul Type Probability: It's the chance to obtain a Soul Crystal of any color (Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green).
    - A fee of 14,000 Cegels per Soul Powder must be paid for every crafting.
    Soul Boosters
    Soul Boosters can be obtained through the Item Mall (only available during short periods of time) as follows:
    • Red Soul Booster: Here!
    • Blue Soul Booster: Here!
    • Purple Soul Booster: Here!
    • Yellow Soul Booster: Here!
    • Green Soul Booster: Here!
    These Cash Items grant you a higher chance to get the Soul Crystal of your preference:
    Soul Booster Recomendations:
    - Each Soul Booster increases the chance to obtain a desired Crystal color.
    - The chance rises to 100% when setting up to 20 Soul Boosters of a desired color (Green, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow).
    - For example: By setting 20 Purple Soul Boosters, there's a 100% to get a Purple Soul Crystal.
    - Remember that only Purple and Yellow Crystals have the chance to provide Damage Decrease and Dungeon Damage Increase respectively along with other stats.
    - Meanwhile, Red, Blue, and Green Crystals have the chance to provide Attack, Magic Power, and HP respectively along with other stats.

    VII. Soul Equip UI

    1. Players can equip Soul Crystals into any Aura as long as there are empty slots available.
    2. Once equipped, the Soul Crystal stats will be displayed within the Aura as Soul Options.

    How to equip Soul Crystals?
    WARNING: Removing any Crystal will destroy the Crystal.
    Please, be careful on this matter as no restorations will be performed under any circumstance.
    Once removed, the empty slot remains available to set any other Soul Crystal.

    VIII. Soul Dismantle

    Soul Crystals can be dismantled into Soul Powder as well.
    1. Each Soul Crystal requires a fee of 1,000,000 Cegels to proceed.
    2. Up to 50 Soul Powders are obtained per every Soul Crystal dismantled.
    3. Any Soul Crystal can be dismantled, regardless of whether having or not added soul options (stats).

    IX. (NEW!!) Aura G Refinement

    Auras can now be upgraded up to .G → .DG → .XG through Refinement Manuals available to purchase in Lime Town as follows:
    • Refinement Manual (G Aura Edition): 1,000,000,000 Cegels
    • Refinement Manual (G Aura Edition): 1,500,000,000 Cegels
    • Refinement Manual (G Aura Edition): 2,000,000,000 Cegels
    Once obtained, you can go to [NPC] Soul-Seeing Priest Rodric to refine your Aura. In order to make it possible, a fee will be required to pay as long as aura-related materials such as Soul Powders and Refine Stones.
    In case you are wondering about the Rine Beach New Map, feel free to check the Guide Here!.

    Finally, this Guide is subject of being updated constantly as this is just the beginning of a new chapter exploring Iter.

    Love Seal!
    Seal B.O.D Team^^
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