Dear Shiltzians,

It's been a while since our world expanded onto Beyond The Horizon with the arrival of Iter Continent and Nua City as the first spot in these new lands.
This time, we're not talking about lands but the evil seas surrounding the shores in this Chapter 2.5.

Introducing Rine Beach
A paradise landmark within a remote island near Nua's coastline that has emerged from the unknown revealing a corrupt plan to invade the city by some merciless Pirates.
It looks beautiful on the outside, but the sly bales and the armed Tiren pirates guard it.
Let's join Vigilante Sebastian, Menellia, and Leon on a bold mission to uncover the possible dangers inside this paradise place.

Pre-Requisite: Complete Nua's Main Quest
It is important to have completed the Nua's main quest and 'Negotiation Complete' with Leon first.

1. Obtain 100 Strong Springs and 100 Lubricating Oils from Marcus in Nua, then provide these items to Peaceroid.

2. After defeating (Fury) GR-D-10, talk to Peaceroid.

3. If you talk to several NPCs in Nua, you can meet Vigilante leader Leon and do the ‘Negotiation Complete’ quest.

4. Afterwards, you can talk to Vigilante Leader Leon and proceed with the story of Rine Beach when you see the Chapter 2.5 option.

Sub-Repeatable Quests

After completing 'Time to Throw the Dice 2' during the Rine Beach main quest, you can perform a repeatable sub-quest from NPC Jero as follows:

1. Provide NPC Jero with 50 Coskarka's Claws, and receive EXP and x1 Nua's Gift Box.

2. Provide NPC Jero with 50 Mr. Grilled's Belly Fat, and receive EXP and x1 Nua's Gift Box.

3. Provide NPC Jero with 50 Sandgater Tails, and receive EXP and x1 Nua's Gift Box.

New Dropped Items!

Both Rine Beach, and Pionur Mountains are the only maps where the following items, essential for the new Aura System, are dropped.

What are these items useful for?
Check the Aura System Full Guide: Here!


- The Portal to Rine Beach is located on the northwest side of Nua Village.

- Only characters above Level 275 can enter.

- Watch Out!: If your fame is less than 300,000 a Penalty of -90% of all Abilities will be applied.

- Watch Out!: When entering Rine Beac, a Damage Decrease penalty of -35% is applied. This same penalty applied as well to Pionur Mountains.

**In case you are wondering about the Aura System, feel free to check the Guide Here!.

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