Greetings Shiltzians!

An interesting challenge has arrived for you to conquer it!

For this event, an [Event] Spring Popsicle , will be provided to all characters above Level 250.
All Shiltzians are invited to refine this special item up to +10 in order to receive great prizes.


From September 19th until October 10th, you will receive an [Event] Spring Popsicle as long as your character is above Level 250.
✨Each character that matches this condition will receive a [Event] Spring Popsicle in their mailbox to participate in the event.
✨You will have until October 10th to refine the Spring Popsicle to +10 (not G refine).
✨Once done, leave the Spring Popsicle in your inventory.

✨During October 10th Maintenance, if your [Event] Spring Popsicle achieved +10, it will be exchanged for several rewards as follows:

Gear Growth Box items:

You only got one chance...

Time to Refine!

Love Seal! ^^
Seal BOD Team