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    [Event] Level Jump - February

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    excuse me, why can't i see the post? and how can i join the event?

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    About ultracat seal chronicles (rewards lvl 100). May i know after i make it DG, why I can’t put it in to my bank? Is it error?

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    i didn't recieve any reward after i make my first account after maintenance

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    I join last level jump event, if i want to join this (present) level jump event, should i make new ID? or i can go with my current ID?

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    Didnt received rewards.. bug?

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    I think there's a bug, GM. I just created a new character in a new account, but I didn't get any rewards. Please check.

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    I buy new slot char then make new char, but don't get reward

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    i am buy character slot expansion but don't get reward

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    Greetings Shiltzians,

    The graphic has been updated!

    Now to answer questions...

    We are aware that there is an issue about this event, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    Some players have reported that they do not receive the rewards when creating a new character. Our team is investigating the source of the issue and we will fix it as soon as possible.
    Please be patient and stay tuned for future announcements.

    I will try to frequent this post as much as possible to continue solving doubts and adding more feedbacks from everyone~
    Thank you!

    If you find any issue please send a ticket!

    Thank you for your attention.
    Seal B.O.D. Team
    GAME MASTER - Fennix
    -Seal Online Blades of Destiny Team-

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