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    [NEW] Patch Notes 01/17/2023

    Seal Online Server Maintenance

    January 17th, 15:00 to 20:00 PST

    Greetings, Shiltzians!

    In this post, you will be able to find news regarding events and content. Feel free to share your thoughts and insights to help us improve the game

    The following updates have been conducted during our Maintenance:

    - [January System Event] SEAL Card Captor has begun, make sure to check all details regarding its features here: https://bit.ly/3XmTbdm

    - Fishing Boost Event has begun, now you shall get double fishing speed and gain triple EXP when using any Fishing EXP item.
    Check all info at the bottom of Lucky Rascal Coin Post.

    - Cash Bank pages have been increased from 3 to 9. From now on, more items will be able to be displayed within. Enjoy!

    - Lucky Rascal Coin bait has been updated with new exclusive costumes and rewards! To read more >>click here<<

    - [Christmas System Event] - Part II has come to and end, and all items related to it have been removed https://bit.ly/3QKSKqS

    - Christmas Theme graphics and background sounds have been removed. The Big Christmas Tree in city downtowns are now gone along with the NPC skins for December season.

    - Christmas Trees set in Crude Mountain Range and Land's End have been removed.

    - Bonus Golden Chest Key Event has come to an end, you shall receive 1 Golden Chest Key for every 200 opened Golden Chests from now on. https://bit.ly/3Q9MWH6

    - Playtime Event has come to an end, and all corresponding rewards have been sent. https://bit.ly/3w7dFLj

    - We'd like you all to stay aware that the new SEAL Card Captor Event will end on February, 14th.

    - Previous Weekend Boost performed due to the last Packages Sales has been re-scheduled to come to an end during January 18th.

    - Warzone GM Event (Duran) originally programmed for January, 18th has been re-scheduled to 25th.

    - We want to remind everyone that Grabbit has been updated. To read more click here: https://bit.ly/3wbQsaB

    - We want to remind everyone that Golden Chest has been updated. To read more >>click here<<

    - We remind our players that we have updated the restoration policies: >>here<<

    - Next regular maintenance: January, 31st.

    [Fix] - Fixed the issue regarding higher fees than displayed on UI in of the following NPCs:
    → NPC Fufu: Located next to Mailman Felly.
    → Instance Dungeon item dissamble (NPC Priest who crossed the dimension)
    → Item Growth (Janet, militia leader from Another Dimension NPC - Guardian of Dimension)
    → Pet Refine (Pet Master - Evolve pets to 7th grade)
    → Spring (Use Apprentice's Spring check that they deduct the exact amount of cegels indicated in the menu)
    → NPC Refine (Smelting craftsman for HnC items - Jikael of Chaos or Heavenly Tipareth).

    [Fix] - Fixed the issue where a character's (with high attack speed) animation was pretty fast whenever they slept next to their couple with a relationship of more than 11,000 days.

    If you find any issue please make sure to report it through the ticket platform.

    - Our next maintenance will take place on January 31st.

    Remember that Seal Blessing will increase your gameplay benefits

    Love Seal!
    Seal B.O.D. Team
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    Please check on item mall, at the Main tab,

    Those few item icon are become Status Reset,
    And, sometimes, when i move my mouse cursor to every Item Icon (Skill Reset Icon) the client will be not responding and even crash.
    Please check if this is only me or it is a Bug.

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