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    [Christmas System Event] - Part II

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    Issue found with the Snowball system.

    Greetings Shiltzians,

    Please note that a bug has been encountered when equipping the "Snowball" item and going through a portal. Players are logged out of the game and cannot re-enter with the same character. We are aware of this situation and try to find a solution as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please avoid equipping "snowballs" when going through a portal.

    If you have already been logged out, please submit a ticket to our platform to immediately restore your access.


    Thank you for your attention.

    Seal B.O.D. Team
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    For Someone's Glory Not For One's Own Glory

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    where the winner of the christmas event part I ????

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    Hi GM, i got santa shoes when opening Joyfull yellow ornament that not available in the flyer, can you explain this ?
    What items should I get from the flyer above when I get Santa shoes?

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    Me too gm, i got natural stone from yellow ornament, can you verify it ? the content inside ornament and in the flyer

    and now i get green santa

    and this is the last one

    the flyer above isn't accurate
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    Does event item drop much lower than previous event?
    To make matter worse, it doesn't have any difference appearance with normal drop. So as manual player, it's really annoying to click it one by one.
    Or is there any tips to pickup item faster? Other than click faster or auto-pickup battle pet.

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    This is the stats to Baldea's Magic Bracelet. that sell price tho xD

    if +7

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    Hi @GM, I have confirm so far we have 4 type of ornament dropped from xmas tree. I thought it should be only 2 type : Joyful yellow and hopeful red.. Can you please clarify this so we dont confuse?

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    is this baldea magic celet ? </span>

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    Lol, what kind of trash event, still got random stuff that isn't on the list. The drop rate from fishing and bales are very low, the prizes are also trash. Not worth at all

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