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    Royal Sword Aesir's Rising💎

    Greetings Rohanians!

    In this short time we will have an amazing Royal Sword Aesir's Rising with great rewards, including an unique reward Shooting Star Ticket and for the coming of the Aesir we will give universal talisman to the top 10 and a Sealed Transcendence Talisman (Enhanced +19) to the ones who reach +30 Royal Sword!
    We hope that you are enjoying our events!
    In addition to all these new content, we will have a Royal Sword Aesir's Rising

    Welcome to... Royal Sword Aesir's Rising!


    This event will be available from November 11th until November 22th 23:59 PDT Time.

    ⚔[Royal Sword Aesir's Rising rewards]

    You can get 1 of the following items for every time you open a Treasure:

    • Shooting Star Ticket x1
    • Sealed Transcendence Talisman (Enhanced +19) x1
    • Sealed Universal Talisman (+18) x1
    • Sealed Elemental Talisman (Enhancement +14) x1
    • Wish Ticket x1
    • Exclusive Abradant (10%) x1
    • Origin of Transcendence (+15 Confirm Stat) x1
    • +1 Enhancement Ticket Up to 10 Enhancement (IM) x1
    • Time Jewel x3
    • Scroll with Elemental Properties (IM) x2
    • 200% Combination Scroll (IM - 2Hr) x2

    ❗ Know that you can exchange 5 unclaimed items for 1 Coin!
    ❗ And 50 items for 1 +1 Enhancement Ticket (max +12)
    ❗ Or you can collect your Treasure rewards and they will be sent to your Merged Inventory.

    The rewards for the top 10 and those reaching +30 in Royal Sword:

    ⭐1st Place ➡ Universal Talisman (+18) x1
    ⭐2nd - 5th Place ➡ +1 Universal Talisman (+17) x1
    ⭐6th - 10th Place ➡ +1 Universal Talisman (+15) x1
    ⭐+30 Royal Sword ➡ Sealed Transcendence Talisman (Enhanced +19) x1

    ⭐ Shooting Star Ticket x1 - This item allows to request an upgrade +1 to most of the Armor,Weapon or Talisman. For Example you have a Walter's Medal +18, you can ask us to upgrade it to Walter's Medal +19.


    *There are some items that cannot be upgraded, have no more levels to upgrade, or are already +30. Those items are not eligible for +1.
    *You will need to submit a ticket with the Shooting Star Ticket in your inventory for your request, remember that is 1 Shooting Star Ticket per item.
    *The choosen item(Armor,Weapon or Talisman) must be in the inventory with the Shooting Star Ticket.
    *Choose carefully as once the request is processesed it will not be undone so make sure to choose well.
    *After we have proceeded with your request, the Shooting Star Ticket will be deleted.
    *The provided item will be in same condition as the one before the upgrade, for example , if its an unseal Talisman , the item upgraded will be unsealed.

    ⭐ Sealed Transcendence Talisman (Enhanced +19) x1

    After unseal will provide the following stats:

    ⭐ Sealed Universal Talisman (+18) x1

    After unseal will provide the following stats:

    ⭐ Sealed Elemental Talisman (Enhancement +14) x1

    After unseal will provide the following stats:

    ⭐ Wish Ticket x1

    ⭐ Exclusive Abradant (10%) x1

    ⭐ Origin of Transcendence (+15 Confirm Stat) x1

    [How does it work?]

    You will need to get Coins in the Event Page.
    Once you get those coins, you will be able to open the Treasure.

    For every 5 chests opened, you will get a Ruby.

    For every 50 chests, you will get a Diamond.

    ➡ Every Ruby enhances +3 the Royal Sword, however, if it fails, it will drop down to 0.
    ➡ Every Diamond does the same, except that, if fails, it will not drop down.

    ⚔ [What will we get for enhancing the Royal Sword?]
    Here are the rewards for the top 10 in the Ranking.

    ⚔ [And what about that Bonus?]

    If you manage to reach a +30 on your Royal Sword, you will be eligible for this reward!

    [What are the rules for this Mini-game?]

    • When this event ends, the Enhancement Value and the Ruby/Diamond owned are reset, and reward items are sent according to the enhance and rank of your Royal Sword.
    • The person who reached the enhancement value first is ranked higher than those who come after as long as the Enhancement Value is not lost.
    • Reward items not claimed are automatically sent to the game at the end of the Royal Sword Event.
    • Reward items are sent through the in-game MALL INVENTORY
    • Any illegal or abnormal activity during the event will exclude the player from the event and lead to an investigation.

    If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us in our Support Platform here: http://support.playwithi.com/

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance-
    Vengeance Never Ends

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    Greetings Rohanians!

    We have already sent the rewards for the top 10 participants!

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends

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