Hello Shiltzians!

To celebrate the Summer Season, we bring you another challenge that many of you will love!

For this event, we will give everyone a Spring Popsicle, but it is not edible, neither tradeable nor dropable, how much will it take you to refine it to +10?


✨From August 16th until August 31th you will receive a Spring Popsicle in your mailbox. Remember that your character must be at Level 250 or higher in order to receive the Popsicle.
✨You will find it at the first character you login (one Spring Popsicle per account)
✨You will have until August 31th to refine the Spring Popsicle to +10 (no G refine)
✨Once done, leave the Spring Popsicle at your inventory
✨During August 31th maintenance, if your character 250 or higher achieved +10, it will be exchanged for several rewards!
✨It is easy!


Gear Growth Box items:

Remember: There will be only one Spring Popsicle per account and you will receive at the first character you log in.

You only got one chance...

Will you be able to achieve it on time?

Get started now!

Love Seal! ^^
Seal BOD Team