Greetings Rohanians!

We have updated the rewards! Vengeful Scratch Season 16 has begun!
You can win amazing rewards just scratching!

HERE TO PLAY: Click here

This event will be available from June 14th until July 12th 23:59 PDT Time.

Here is a quick guide to help you get your lucky number.

[How does it work?]

You will need to get Coins in the Event Page.
Once you get those coins, you will be able to Scratch!!.

Now you can get:

⭐ Sealed intrepid Challenge

⭐ Sealed Champion's Challenge

⭐ Sealed Hero's Challenge

⭐ Special Fantasy Glasses

⭐ Special Fantasy Necklace

⭐ Shiny Transcendence Stone

⭐ Advanced Seal Upgrade Stone

⭐ Exclusive Abradant (15%)

⭐ Universal Talisman +15

[We have 4 wonderful scratch games options:]

The first one is Crone Roller here you will only spend 1 coin to play.

You can win one of these items:
  • Scroll with Elemental Properties (IM)
  • 100% Growth Scroll (IM - 2 Hr)
  • 100% Combination Scroll (IM - 2 Hr)
  • Blessing Seal (1 day)
  • Sealed intrepid Challenge
  • Shiny Transcendence Stone

Next one is Scratch Conquest here you spend 3 coins for a chance to win one of these items:
  • Scroll with Elemental Properties (IM)
  • Legendary Elixir x2
  • 100% Growth Scroll (IM - 2 Hr)
  • Skill Enhancement Stone(100%)
  • Agreement Seal (1 day)
  • Rare Preservation Stone(IM)
  • Sealed Champion's Challenge
  • Advanced Seal Upgrade Stone x25

Silvas Luck is one of our favorite, 4 coins for a chance to win one of these items:
  • Ashkeena's Dungeon Entrance
  • Legendary Elixir x2
  • Scroll with Elemental Properties (IM)
  • Elemental Dungeon Entrance (IM)
  • 200% Combination Scroll(IM) - 2 hours
  • Armor Reinforcement Stone III
  • Premium Enhanced Preservation Stone (IM)
  • 100% Skill Enhancement Stone
  • Concentrated Beck's Scroll (1 hour)
  • Unique Preservation Stone(IM)
  • 54 Slot Bag
  • Safe Enhancement Stone(IM)
  • Sealed Hero's Challenge
  • Rune Upgrade Stone x3
  • Special Fantasy Glasses
  • Special Fantasy Necklace

The last but one of the best Blazing Temple for a chance to win some amazing items not founds in previous ones. 5 coins for a chance to win one of these items:
  • Elemental Dungeon Entrance (IM)
  • Legendary Elixir x2
  • 200% Growth Scroll (IM - 2Hr)
  • Weapon Reinforcement Stone III
  • Growth Seal 400% (3 Hours)
  • Refreshing Rice Cake Soup
  • Concentrated Beck's Scroll (1 hour)
  • Firm Becky's Scroll (1 hour)
  • Purified Bekcy's Scroll (1 hour)
  • Strong Becky's Scroll (1 hour)
  • Fancy Becky's Scroll (1 hour)
  • Swift Becky's Scroll (1 hour)
  • Bright Becky's Scroll (1 hour)
  • Ancient Weapon Preservation Stone (IM)
  • Ancient Armor Preservation Stone (IM)
  • Devil Puma - 10D
  • Rune Upgrade Stone
  • +1 Enhancement Ticket (up to 18 enhancements)
  • Exclusive Abradant
  • Sealed Universal Talisman +15

So we have tell you how amazing are our rewards. But you are thinking “How do I play?!”.

[How do I play?!]

First choose one of the 4 mini-games, next click "Play now" and scratch or use instant scratch for a faster option.

Click "My challenge result" to claim your amazing rewards. Select the game you have been playing and mark the item(s) now click on Load in game to send it to MALL inventory.

Or if you want more coins to try your luck. Select 5 or 10 items and click on Exchange coin. You can always see your records.

What are the rules for this Mini-game?

*Reward items are sent through the in-game MALL INVENTORY
*Any illegal or abnormal activity during the event will exclude the player from the event and lead to an investigation.

Do not claim rewards if there are no character in your account, if you do you will have to sent a ticket.

If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us in our Support Platform

So what are you waiting for, go try your luck!

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
Vengeance Never Ends