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    Summer Burst GM Event Boost

    Greetings Rohanians,

    The summer is about to start soon and we have prepared a few surprises for this!
    Welcome to our Summerburst party take a seat, grab a spring water and enjoy it!

    <Additional GM Events>

    From June 1st until 28th we will be having 1 additional GM Event per day!
    This means that we will be having 2 GM events per day, so the schedule will be the following:

    1st Event: 10:00 PDT Time
    2nd Event: 13:30 PDT Time

    During Sunday and Monday there will only be one event and it follow the 2nd schedule until further notice.
    UPDATE: Sunday and Monday will now have 2 events!

    Additional Event Rewards:
    All GM & Community(facebook/forum) Events alike will now award twice as much Event Coins. (This does not apply to MVP Coins)

    *This does not apply to additional raffles or community challenge raffles.

    < Summer Daily Raffles >

    We will be celebrating the approaching summer by having a daily raffle!

    A single
    Armor Reinforcement Stone VI contributed to GM will provide you with 1 chance to win.

    When and how to deliver these items to the GMs?

    You can deliver these items to the GM when they show up at Ehres Harbor according to the schedule below:

    1st : 10:25 PDT Time
    2nd : 14:10 PDT Time

    *There will be up to 2 Raffles per day keep an eye out for the announcements!

    *The GM will show up at Ehres Harbor After or Before the GM Event.
    *For every 10 participants a special reward will be raffled amongst those that fulfil the raffle requirements
    *Attempting to deliver more than one (regardless of account/character) will be considered breaking the rules, you will not receive any reward if you break the rules.
    *We will only considerate one account regardless of how many you bring.
    * The winners will be announced in the forum only as we will be verifying all participants info to avoid disqualifying winners that have broken the rules during the event.
    *You can return back to what you were doing before once you donate the Reinforcement Stone VI.
    *This event is not considered a GM Or Community Event.

    Possible Raffle Rewards:

    ⭐ +1 Enhancement Ticket max +10 x2 (max 1 per player)
    ⭐ +1 Enhancement Ticket max +12
    ⭐ Special Preservation Abradant
    ⭐ Ancient Enhancement Skill 100%
    ⭐ Safe Enhancement Stone
    ⭐ Super Lucky Reinforced Abrasive (25%)
    ⭐ +1 Enhancement Ticket max +15
    ⭐ Origin of Transcendence (+15 Confirm Stat)

    <Golden Raffle>

    All players that participate in GM Events & Community Events will participate in a daily raffle for a <Event Coin>

    This event will starts on June 1st, the duration of the event will depend on Rohanians participation.
    Update: The event will end on June 28th.

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends
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