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    [PvP Guide ⚔️] Persona Switch/Assassin Mode

    Greetings Rohanians!

    The Dhans and Dekans are in constant war with Humans, Half-Elfs, Trinity, and AESIR, marking a consistent discord between these factions. In this guide, we will help you to know more about Peace Mode / Assasin Mode.

    1. Introduction
    ㄴ Dark & White Races
    ㄴ How to check your current Status(Mode)
    2. Persona Switch (Peace Mode)
    ㄴ Main Features
    ㄴ PvP Rules
    3. Assassin Mode
    ㄴ Main Features
    ㄴ How to Convert to Assasin
    ㄴ Pros and Cons when becoming Assasin
    4. GM Notes:
    ㄴ Coming Back to Peace Mode
    ㄴ About Guild Members
    ㄴ Updates to Assasin Rules

    Use [CTRL + F] to quickly find your preferred content!

    1. Introduction:

    > Dark & White Races

    Dekans and Dhans, known as the dark races, can switch to Assassin Mode and engage in PK for experience points! The other races, referred to as the 'white' races, can gain experience points and/or items by PKing these dark races in Assassin mode.

    > How to check your current Status(Mode)

    Your current mode will be always displayed in the upper right corner (Buff Window).

    * When you create your character, you always start in Peace Mode.

    2. Persona Switch (Peace Mode):

    > Main Features

    Upon being in peace mode, races typically considered hostile (Human, Elf, Half-Elf, etc) will be depicted as friendly, and the assassins (dark forces) will be displayed as your enemies.

    You will be able to do normal activities such as partying, trading, using kiosks, etc.

    > PvP Rules

    Regular PvP Rules will apply to your character (the same as any other race), more information in the guide at the end (Honor System).
    When you Die in Peace Mode, only items in your inventory can be dropped.

    3. Assasin Mode:

    > Main Features

    In Assassin Mode, there are two key features:

    Firstly, initiating a Player Kill (PK) does not reduce the total number of possible kills within the Honor System. In Peace Mode, performing a PK subtracts one from the displayed possible kill count until you convert to Murderer. If all possible kills are used, penalties such as character transformation into a 'Murderer' and being targeted by nearby guard NPCs will activate. However, in Assassin Mode, this alteration does not take effect, enabling unlimited PKs that can be recharged with PVE activity..

    Considerations being in Assassin Mode:

    -Players, including themselves, won't be able to see the nickname. They will see only the name of the races (Human, Dhan, Dekan, etc).
    -The player won't be able to join a party.
    -The player won't be able to trade and other players won't be able to trade with the player.

    Also, your character's name displayed to others will change to the Race Name in Red (Anonymous):

    <From a third player perspective>

    <From the Assasin Perspective>

    Additionally, the names of other characters visible to those in Assassin Mode are shown as white race names.

    > How to Convert to Assasin

    NPC Naandeny

    Go to NPC Nandeeny located in Rev'Deca (Armenes)

    NPC Quong

    Go to NPC Quong located in Par'Talucca (East Bahran Island).

    > Pros and Cons when becoming Assasin Mode

    Your character's name is not displayed in the kill list of the PK character
    Unlimited PKs (Need to Refill your Pks Counter)
    Your name/identity remains anonymous for other players

    A character in assassin mode is more inclined to be a target for PK.
    There is a chance to drop equipped items (very low) if you get PK in Assassin Mode.

    4. GM Notes:

    > Coming Back to Peace Mode

    You can always come back to Peace Mode with the same NPCs
    These are the costs for getting to Peace Mode.

    -The player will have to wait 7 days to switch mode by going back to NPC Nandeenny or NPC Quong.

    > About Guild Members

    If members of the same guild are in assassin mode, mutual PK is not possible, and their character names are exposed as is.

    > Updates to Assasin Rules

    [Updates to Assassin and Murderer Rules]

    You need to kill 500 mobs to refill your PKs Counter!

    1)Upon an assassin or murderer killing 10 characters, PvP-restricted mode is enforced.
    2) PvP-restricted mode is activated upon slaying 500 experience monsters that can give you experience points
    3)If you transition from Assasin to a Peace Mode over time, PvP-restricted mode will be automatically unlocked.

    Note: To facilitate a seamless gameplay experience for users under PvP-restricted mode, characters currently in the assassin and murderer status will be automatically switched to peace mode during regular maintenance.

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team
    Vengeance Never Ends

    ➡ Honor System Guide: Click here

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