Dear Shiltzians,

Check the item mall for these limited items:

🔸Ranael's XG Weapon Box
🔸Ranael's Helm Box
🔸Ranael's Top Box
🔸Ranael's Bottom Box
🔸Ranael's Boots Box

*Each box contains Ranael armor, you can get N to DG armor.
*Ranael's Weapon Box contains XG weapons.
*Pieces are obtained randomly

Also, you will be able to find during the sale period:

🔸Ranael's Releasing Ticket - 4900 RPs

This sale will be available from today, December 2nd to 6th, 2021 at 15:00 PST.

You can get the items here:

Don't miss these awesome limited sales and get them NOW!

Love Seal! ^^
Seal B.O.D. Team