Greeting Shiltzians!

This time we bring you something we know you all have been requesting for. We present you the Hunting Assistant.

Let me show you briefly how to use it.

1. New System

On your left side of the screen, look for this new icon called Hunting Assistant. Click it to start the tool. However, to use it you will need a specific Potion.

2. Auto Hunting Potion

This is the Potion needed to active the Hunting Assistant. There are 5 types of Auto Hunting Potions:

- Auto Hunting Potion GX1 (2 hours)
- Auto Hunting Potion GX2 (4 hours)
- Auto Hunting Potion GX3 (8 hours)
- Auto Hunting Potion GX4 (12 hours)
- Auto Hunting Potion GX5 (24 hours)

You can get them by participating in the current events!

Once you use the Potion, an Icon will appear on the upper-left part of your screen. Please remember that these Potions are not stackable.
So if you happen to use an Auto Hunting Potion – 2 hour and then another of 4 hour, the last one will remain.

3. Hunting Assistant Configuration

This is the panel you see once you open the Hunting Assistant. There are 3 tabs to setup the Assistant: Skill, Additional and Shutdown.

Shutdown Tab

In the Shutdown panel you can configure some conditionals to turn off the Assistant.

- Shutdown if inventory is full
- Shutdown if its not possible to buy ammunition
- Shutdown if its not possible to buy potions or junctions
- Shutdown if the potion effect perishes
- Shutdown if you can’t re-stack more ammunition

Additional Tab

This tab is mainly focused on setup for buying potion and selling items you pick up. For this, you will need a Revive to go back to your spot in case you die;
and a Remote Shop to sell the items you pick up.

Also, if you use a blessing of gaius, the Remote Shop will automatically buy you Potions from the Item Vendor.

Skill Tab

And finally the Skill Tab, the most important part of the Assistant. Choose wisely which skills you need to survive in the spot, the buffs you need and the Healing Skills.
At first you will have 3 slots available, but do not worry, you can expand them with the Attack Slot Expansion and the Buff Slot Expansion.

We are preparing more content related to the Hunting Assistant and future Items. So stay tuned, use this Assistant and please tell us your opinion

Love Seal!
Seal BOD Team