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    Black Friday Festival: Time To Level UP

    Greetings Shiltzians!

    The fall season is coming to an end, let's get ready for winter together with this level jump event.

    Donít be left behind and catch up!

    ⚔️These are the rewards for each level that our new adventurers achieve:


    🏆To participate in this event, you must create a new character after maintenance on 11/23/2021 ends.
    🥇Rewards will ONLY be sent to the first character created after maintenance.
    ⭕ONLY one character per account will be counted.
    💰Cash items will be delivered directly to your cash bank


    🗓️The event begins on November 23 and ends on December 7.
    👁️One account PER PLAYER.

    Good luck Shiltzians!

    Brace yourself and stay warm because this weather is snow joke. Get it? Snow ☃️

    Love Seal!
    Seal B.O.D. Team

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    nice event GM

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    if I use 261 level-up will I get this reward?
    Now I creat new character (after maintenance) and I used 261 level-up I didn't get this reward!!

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    First of all, thank you GM for the ongoing exciting events.

    Here I would like to propose that the current Time Warp-Gold (Lvl 1-250) be increased to Lvl 300 as to make it easier for players to reach the max 300 Level.
    I am sure this will bring more joy and excitement plus motivation to players struggling to level up and stay "competitive" in the game.
    Your serious consideration, which I am sure will make SEAL more interesting for all players (old and new)

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