Shiltzians, is that time of the year! 🎃
One of our favorite celebrations have arrived and this year the Halloween Treat's Box comes with a new content and new costume! That you are gonna love.

Here is what you can get from the box:

Introducing the Superior Black Cat costume!
It is well said that black cats are the best companion for witches, they know all their secrets.
Wear this costume to feel the power of the ancient sorceress.

As a reminder of other powerful contents from the box:

Here you can obtain the Halloween Treat's Box:
We hope you can get all the treats that you want! 🍬🍬

Also, as many of you have been requesting, Ranael Releasing ticket and Blue Star.EX set have been added to the Item Mall.

Also, take into account that any of this items are also part of the Halloween sales raffle!

You can find that information here:

Happy Halloween!

Love Seal,
Seal B.O.D. Team