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    Halloween midnight sales and more 👻


    Halloween is just a week away! And we want to start to celebrate it now to be ready for the Witches Night.

    This promotion includes:

    🎃Items on sale
    🎃Special Season Costumes
    🎃Top Up Event
    🎃150% EXP & 100% Boost

    🍬 ITEMS ON SALE UP TO 80%🍬

    🧛Luxury Potions 80% OFF🧛

    🍁Luxury Special Eva-Up (5)
    🍁Luxury Special Dex-Up (5)
    🍁Luxury Special Defense D (5)
    🍁Luxury Special Power-up (5)
    🍁Luxury Special Magic Fiber (5)

    🧛Function Items 60% OFF🧛

    👻Marco's Magic Stone (30 days)
    👻Marco's Magic Stone (7 days)
    👻Eve's Link
    👻Name Changing Ticket
    👻Character Slot Expansion 1
    👻Character Slot Expansion 2
    👻Character Slot Expansion 3

    🧛Permanent costumes up to 25% OFF🧛

    🎃Capoeira Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Fancy Carnival Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Passionate Samba Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Panda Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Ray Family Pirate Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Black Cat Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Retro School Uniform (Permanent)
    🎃Flame Lucifer (Permanent)
    🎃Japanese Ukata (Permanent)
    🎃Baseball Uniform Away (Permanent)
    🎃Doctor/Nurse Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Giraffe Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Silk Dress Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Martial Arts Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Red Bruce Training Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Green Bruce Training Suit (Permanent)
    🎃Cat Mage Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Bunny Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Bumble Seal (Permanent)
    🎃Penguin Costume (Permanent)
    🎃Fluffly Shiltz Forest Uniform (Permanent)
    🎃Eagle Golden Armor (Permanent)
    🎃Fluffy Shiltz Purple Uniform (Permanent)

    🍬Themed Costumes🍬

    🍂Halloween Fantasy EX Set Costume🍂

    🧛7 days Spooky Costumes to were this Halloween🧛

    💀Pumpkin Pants Halloween Costume - (7 days)
    💀Skeleton Costume - (7 Days)
    💀Freddy Costume - (7 days)
    💀Jason Costume - (7 days)
    💀Ghost Costume - (7 days)
    💀Skeleton Costume - (7 Days)

    🧛Ranael Weapons available for each class! 🧛

    ✖️Ranael's Baselard.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Blizzard Cane.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Blue Marlin (Left).XG
    ✖️Ranael's Blue Marlin (Right).XG
    ✖️Ranael's Blunderbuss.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Cleaver.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Compound Bow.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Gladius.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Greatsword.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Inferno Cane.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Janbiya (Left).XG
    ✖️Ranael's Janbiya (Right).XG
    ✖️Ranael's Longsword.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Mace.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Military Pick.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Morning Star.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Zweihander.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Warhammer.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Kite Shield.XG
    ✖️Ranael's Heater Shield.XG


    🦇Crazy Weekend Package with 25% OFF
    🦇Option Change Count Recharge Ticket (5) available

    🧟Joshimaro is back to celebrate Halloween!
    You will find him at the center of Elim

    He brings back the following items:

    🎃Joshimaro's Inventory Package
    🎃Joshimaro's Spring Package.


    During the Halloween Sales, all the RPs charges done with Unipin, GoCash and Paypal will be able to obtain:

    🖤2500 RPs = Vulcanus Spring

    🖤🖤5000 RPs = Evolution Leaf 100% + Premium Kiosk 30 days

    🖤🖤🖤10000 RPs = Blessed Pink Diamond + Fixed Stone Ticket x 5

    All of those who purchase items from the Halloween Sales will participate in a Raffle of the following items:

    🌙 +12 Refinement Ticket (1 winner)
    🌙Tipareth Glorious Wings (1 winner)
    🌙 3500 RPs (3 winners)

    *Halloween Sales and Top Up event are available until November 1st 16:00 PDT
    * The rewards will be sent on November 2nd.


    From today, until Monday 25th 16:00 PDT, you will have a weekend boost of 150% EXP & 100% DROP available at all servers, channels and dungeons.


    Love Seal!
    Seal B.O.D. Team

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    Top Up event rewards will be sent during November 3rd.

    Best Regards,
    Seal B.O.D. Team

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    Greetings my dear Shiltzians,

    Many of you had been curious about the names of the winners, so today we will show you the list.

    🌙 The winner of the +12 Refinement Ticket: Kenshintw
    🌙 The winner of the Tipareth Glorious Wing: Mylily
    🌙 The winners of the 3500 RPs:
    > Ansatz
    > Seabase
    > Olddrm

    Seal BOD

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