Fall has arrived and we will have some surprises for you during this season!🍂

We have prepared a special sale and boost to start with a warm welcoming of the spooky and pumpkin season. 🎃 👻

🌟🍁100% EXP & DROP boost available!🍁🌟
Enjoy this weekend with a boost available for both servers and channels.

⚔️ Ranael XG weapons now available at the Item Mall⚔️
Now you will be able to find Ranael XG weapons at the Item Mall.
Get ready to get stronger.

🛍️We have 25% OFF on selected items and costumes!🛍️

🌰Craydeneh's Superior Craftsman Hammer
🌰Craydeneh's Perfect Craftsman Hammer
🌰Craydeneh's Joker card (Weapon)
🌰Craydeneh's JOKER card (Armor)
🌰Craydeneh's card (Weapon)
🌰Craydeneh's card (Shoes)
🌰Craydeneh's card (Bottom)
🌰Craydeneh's card (Top)
🌰Craydeneh's card (Helmet)
🌰Orange Hair dye
🌰Violet Hair dye
🌰Inventory Expansion.3 (64 Slots)
🌰Character Slot Expansion Ticket 3
🌰Character Slot Expansion Ticket 2
🌰Character Slot Expansion Ticket 1
🌰Inventory Expansion.2 (64 Slots)
🌰White Hair Dye
🌰Inventory Expansion.1 (24 Slots)
🌰Rascal Rabbit Balloon (25)
🌰Rascal Rabbit Balloon
🌰Pink Hair Dye
🌰Gray Hair Dye
🌰Jackpot Bait (Event)
🌰Fishing Exp (8 Hours)
🌰Fishing Exp (4 Hours)
🌰Purple Hair Dye
🌰Green Hair Dye
🌰Yellow Hair Dye
🌰Blue Hair Dye
🌰Red Hair Dye
🌰Your Hero - (30 min)
🌰Couple's Endorphine - (30 min)
🌰Love Potion - (30 min)
🌰Couple's Speed - (30 min)
🌰Double Pleasure - (1 Hr)
🌰2nd Class Skill Reset Scroll
🌰2nd Class Reset Scroll
🌰Partial Skill Reset Scroll
🌰Reset Skill Scroll
🌰Reset Status Scroll
🌰Skill option reset scroll
🌰Walcure's Blessing
🌰Eve's Link
🌰Sublimated Soul

🍂Permanent Costumes available🍂

🌰Capoeira Costume (Permanent)
🌰Fancy Carnival Costume (Permanent)
🌰Passionate Samba Costume (Permanent)
🌰Panda Costume (Permanent)
🌰Ray Family Pirate Costume (Permanent)
🌰Black Cat Costume (Permanent)
🌰Retro School Uniform (Permanent)
🌰Flame Lucifer (Permanent)
🌰Japanese Ukata (Permanent)
🌰Baseball Uniform Away (Permanent)
🌰Doctor/Nurse Costume (Permanent)
🌰Giraffe Costume (Permanent)
🌰Silk Dress Costume (Permanent)
🌰Martial Arts Costume (Permanent)
🌰Red Bruce Training Costume (Permanent)
🌰Green Bruce Training Suit (Permanent)
🌰Cat Mage Costume (Permanent)
🌰Bunny Costume (Permanent)
🌰Bumble Seal (Permanent)

🍂Permanent EX costumes are available 🍂

🌰Forest Elf Set.EX
🌰Black Wolf Hunter Set.EX
🌰Blue Star Set.EX

🍃Crazy Weekend Package available at 3500 RPs🍃

This sale is available from today, until September 27th 16:00 PDT.
The boost is available from today at 14:00 PDT to September 27th 16:00 PDT.

Have a great weekend!

Love Seal!
Seal BOD Team