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    Blood Moon - System Event

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Here is a guide that will help you enjoy this event, Blood Moon.

    The sudden appareance of the Blood Moon has awakened an Ancient One from it's deep slumber!

    Let us all welcome Lord Venthyr! This new NPC will stay with us during Blood Moon. Lord Venthyr will help Rohanians for a price and even let you borrow some of it's power through an ancient and dark covenant.

    Event Duration:
    July 27th (After maintenance) until August 24th (before the maintenance)
    *UPDATE 08/24: event extended until September 28.

    NPC: Lord Venthyr <The First Blooded>
    This new NPC can be found in the Fishing Hole

    Lord Venthyr can also be found in Ehres Harbor.

    For the duration of the event you will be able to obtain Blood Stone. Concentrated Blood, Crimson Blood Stone and Luxurious Blood according to the table below:

    *Crimson Blood Stone is tradable and can also be obtained from the monsters in Gratt Treasure Warehouse, Mirror Dungeons and Corrupt Hero Hall.

    Lord Venthyr will provide brave Rohanians who are ready to comply with his demands with 5 new quests!

    ➡ Quest 1: [Repeatable]First Blood

    This quest requires you to find and deliver Blood Stone x 250 to Lord Venthyr.

    “Blood Stone" is a World Drop, this means that you can get it from killing any monster (Elemental dungeon and Ashkeena included).
    *Ashkeena event drops have been disabled for now

    <Blood Stone>

    As a reward for completing the quest you will receive Count's Chest x1

    <Count's Chest>

    Here are the things you can get from it:

    *You have a 50% chance to get "Concentrated Blood" from Count's Chest

    ➡ Quest 2: [Repeatable] Ready to Serve

    For this quest you will need to obtain Blood Stone x 2500 and hand them over to Lord Venthyr.

    As part of the deal Lord Venthyr will reward you,he will give you Midnight Box

    <Midnight Box>

    *Midnight Box provides 10 Count's chest.

    ➡ Quest 3 [Repeatable] Blood tribute

    In order to complete this quest you will need to turn in Concentrated Blood x 4.
    Once you deliver the items you will receive Eternal Night Chest x1.

    <Concentrated Blood>

    <Eternal Night Chest>

    Here are the things you can get from it:

    ➡ Quest 4: [Daily] Blood Price Level requirement: 115

    Lord Venthyr. encourages you to strengthen the bond of the Blood Pact and of course this come at a price, you will have to secure Luxurious Blood x1 for him.
    For this mission you will have to take down the
    Boss of Elemental Dungeonin order to secure the Luxurious Blood.

    Once this matter has been settled Lord Venthyrwill reward you withCrimson Blood Stone x120.

    <Luxurious Blood>

    <Crimson Blood Stone>

    *Crimson Blood Stone is tradable and can be used to attempt to strengthen your Blood Pact talisman .
    *This quest has a level requirement of level 115.

    *The quest can only be completed up to once per day, if you miss a day you won't be able to do it twice the following day.

    ➡ Quest 5: [One-Time] Blood Oath - Level requirement: 115

    Lord Venthyr will offer you a one in a life-time deal and let you tap into his powers through a powerful Blood Pact however in exchange he will receive a high amount of crones and something more..

    Once you accept the deal and deliver the crones he will quickly provide you with a Blood Pact Talisman. (Permanent Talisman)

    <Sealed Blood Pact Talisman (+0)>

    Once we unseal our new talisman we will get

    <Blood Pact Talisman>

    Blood Pact Talisman Information Table:

    The Blood Pact is a Permanent Talisman
    The Level requirement for this quest is 115.

    Once we reach the peak strenght of our Blood Pact it will be as displayed below:

    <Blood Pact Talisman +20>

    *Crimson Blood Stone are required to attempt to strengthen your Blood Pact talisman.
    *The quest can only be completed once, if you delete the talisman please send a ticket as soon as possible.

    We sincerily hope you can enjoy this event and the new talisman!

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends
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