Greetings Rohanians!

Get ready to be test by Ohn himself with Ohn's Perseverance Trial - Playtime Event.

Ohn's Perseverance Trial - Playtime Event

You can get rewards for enjoying R.O.H.A.N. while playing with your friends, taking out your enemies along your comrade in arms, just make sure to to stay logged.

🔥 For 40 hours Sealed Hunter Kit (72Hr)
🔥 For 60 hours - Runic Taurus - 30D
🔥 For 100 hours Badge of Victory x10
🔥 For 140 hours - Sealed Growth Seal(15D, 400%)
🔥 For 170 hours - 100% Ancient Skill Enhancement Stone

**If you achieve 170 hours you get all the rewards.

You will receive the rewards if you have at least one level 80 character on the account.
This event will be available from February 23th after maintenance until March 8th at 23:59 PDT.
The rewards will be distributed within March 9th
The hours do not have to be consecutive, we add up all the hours that you have played during the period.
The reward will be delivered per account at the Mall Inventory.
The hours are counted per account (You can play with any character and accumulate hours).
The hours accumulated are based by account.
Bear in mind that PVP Honor "Login" is not an accurate display of logged time.

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
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