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    ⚔️See you soon Rohanians!⚔️

    Greetings Rohanians,

    We want you to know that we are working on a better version of the R.O.H.A.N you all love and miss.

    We want to improve ourselves, with fresh, better things and we want you
    to join us in our new, great adventure that will come in the near future.

    We hope you will join us on this new adventure!

    ⚔️ Timeline
    R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Service Closure on October 15th 2020 at 18:00 PDT
    R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance will be available on November 10th

    ⚔️ Important!
    * R.O.H.A.N: Blood Feud game data (all) will be deleted.
    Remaining RPs can be used in R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance.

    RPs used in R.O.H.A.N: Blood Feud in 2020 will be compensated according to the
    following chart:

    Compensation RPs supply date will be announced soon.
    Remaining E-Cash can be used in R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance.

    ⚔️We have prepared exclusive rewards for our beloved Rohanians from R.O.H.A.N: Blood Feud.
    ⚔️And special rewards for all those who seek the thrill of the battle and join us.

    Armenes has made some experimentation before going back to its slumber, some power granted by Edoneh gave him the ability to create some new creatures imbued with Celestial power.

    We will be providing more information, stay tuned!

    With kind regards and thoughts for you all,

    -R.O.H.A.N. Team-
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