Greetings Shiltzians!

Two-dimensions have collided again! This collision brought new NPC's, new equipment a new challenge which only the strongest adventurers in Shiltz will be able to tackle!

Another Sage Tower

In order to join the Sage Tower Hard Mode, talk to "[NPC] Priest who crossed the dimension" (located on Lime Village C5).

Apart from being hard by itself, the new dungeon mechanics will take the gear and status management to another level.
This time you'll need to think strategically how to spend your stat points in order to gain all the juice for the power system!


-You must be a second job character with level 271.

-You can enter twice a day (access resets at 6:00 AM PDT) and up to 2x more times by using the "Another Dimension Admission Ticket".

-When entering the dungeon you'll get a debuff based on your power level and on the floor that you are:

1st Floor: If your character has less than 120,000 of power level you'll get a penalty of All stats -50% | ODI -60% | DDI -85%
Above the requirements: ODI -10% | DDI -35%
2nd Floor: If your character has less than 160,000 of power level you'll get a penalty of All stats -50% | ODI -69% | DDI -89%
Above the requirements: ODI -20% | DDI -40%
3rd Floor: If your character has less than 200,000 of power level you'll get a penalty of All stats -50% | ODI -80% | DDI -94%
Above the requirements: ODI -30% | DDI -44%

New Equipment!

New gear has crossed the dimension too!

Inside the Sage Tower Hard Mode, you'll be able to find the following materials:

-Jikael Fragments
-Tipareth Fragments

Which can be exchanged to Orbs/Beads respectively. These materials will be needed in order to craft/refine the new armors and weapons.

To obtain The Einhorn's Soul Crystal you must dismantle your Einhorn gear (Weapon or armor) on the NPC Priest who crossed the dimension. (If you use an XG+12 item you'll have a 100% success rate)

Examples of crafting

To obtain the Einhorn's Transformation items, you must use the Einhorn's Transformation Order to dismantle your G, DG or XG Einhorn items. *Be aware that this dismantle process has a little success rate.

Examples of G refining

Arcane Stone System

Since we know that combating bosses in the new Sage Tower is not an easy task, The Arcane Stone system will help you get extra options for your character.

By dismantling Gem/jewels like crystal, ruby, diamond, and pink diamond, you will obtain materials to unlock 12 option levels of each Arcane Stone: red, Orange and yellow.

In the Stone Dismantle option, you can put up to 10 of these Gems/jewels and you will obtain the materials: shiny powder and rainbow powder.

In order to obtain Shiny Crystal, another material for unlocking Arcane Stone option levels, you will need to talk to NPC Jeweler Jaro located at Elim D-3, and he will exchange your Shiny Powder for Shiny Crystals.

Once you obtain Shiny Crystals, you can use it along with Rainbow Powder as materials for unlocking the option levels of your chosen Arcane Stone( Red, Orange, or Yellow).

The difference between each Arcane Stone is that each one will give you different options, and some of them will only be able to obtain in levels 3, 6, 9, or 12.

Here are the different options that will be able to obtain in the mentioned levels:

Red Stone: Increase Damage 1% – 5%

Orange Stone: Decrease Damage of 1% – 5%

Yellow Stone: HP 1% – 5%

In addition, if you did not like the option obtained at your current level, you will be able to change it in the “change options” section only using shiny crystals and cegels.

That is not all; you can also change only the values of your desired option, by using a Stone Option Fixed Ticket as well.

However, be aware, since changing the options or values has a limit of 300 opportunities. If you managed to use them all, do not worry, you can use a Stone Option Change Count Recharge Ticket that will give you 50 extra opportunities.

Note: Success rate will decrease when when unlocking higher levels

Good Luck everyone and have fun!

Love Seal
Seal B.O.D Team