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    [Sale Event] Summer Lucky Box Gatcha Rush!

    Hello Shiltzians!

    We bring you a new sale, the Summer Lucky Box will be available on the Item Mall for you if do you wanna try your luck obtaining amazing rewards!

    Summer Lucky Box Content

    Night Keeper Head
    Night Keeper Top
    Night Keeper Bottom
    Night Keeper Shoes
    Double Pleasure - (7 Days)
    Rascal Juni's Gold Word (3 hours)
    Rascal Juni's Gold Lucky Bag (3 hours)
    Vulcanus Special Treasure Chest
    Albereo’s Jewelry Box
    Reset Scroll (Status)
    Reset Scroll (Skill)
    2nd Class Skill Reset Scroll
    Golden Rune Stone
    Premium Kiosk_7 days
    Marco's Mistake
    Pet Appraiser's Mistake
    Natural Stone
    Evolution Leaf 50%
    Pet Master's Type(Hybrid) Increase(Low)

    And that is not all, the TOP 20 users who obtain more boxes during the event period will receive a Vulcanus Special Toolbox as bonus:

    Item Description

    This event will be available since today, July 29th until August 3rd.
    The bonus reward will be sent on August 4th.

    You can get your box here: https://bit.ly/39BsE43

    We hope you get allt he items you desire!

    With love,
    Seal B.O.D. Team

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    The TOP 20 rewards have already been supplied. Enjoy it!

    Much love,
    Seal BOD Team

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