Greetings Shiltizens,

We have added a couple of updates that may help you on your Journey 💎

⚔️ Power Stat System

We are implementing a new Power System so you can now measure how powerful you are!

Display on Status Information

Display on Minibar

-The Power Stat will be calculated by your character level, the sum of the stat points invested (STR, AGI, INT, LUK, STA, WIS) as well as the equipment that you're wearing.

*Each Job will have their own "Power Multiplier" which will affect stats differently. Remember that this will only affect the "Power" stat calculation.
For example: Mage jobs will gain more "Power" when increasing their "Intelligence" stat, while Warrior jobs will gain more "Power" when increasing their "Strenght".

-You can also check other player's Power level with the "Browse Items" option 🔎

We believe that this will be helpful for competitive players as well as future events/updates 😎

🏇 Guarder Quickslot

In Addition, we have also added a Guarder Quickslot so now is easier to change from equipping your Wings to equipping your Guarder on the go:

*This quickslot is part of the UI so it can't be closed or minimized.

Stay tuned for more surprises!

Love Seal! <3
Seal B.O.D Team