Summer has arrived and with it, another Grabbit update!
This time Grabbit brings amazing items and an extra bonus!

First of all, let's check the grabbit list:

In addition, we have this bonus for all of those who achieve to use 60+ tokens & 80+ tokens. The tokens will be accumulated during the event period.
This bonus event will be available since today, July 14th until July 27th.
✨The rewards obtained will be supplied at the upcoming maintenance.

Here are the rewards that you can obtain depending on the number of tokens you accumulate:

New Cash Costume🔥 Vacation Lifeguard🔥

New Accesory 🌼Vacation Oxygen Tank🌼

New Weapon 🔫Vacation Sniper Water gun🔫

New Guarder 🐥Giant Piya🐥

We hope you get'em all!

Love Seal <3
Seal B.O.D Team