Hello Shiltizens!

Gatcha bundles are back and available for this week only.
If you like to bet your luck on gatcha games, this is a good opportunity to get those desired rewards.

Here is what you can get:

Rascal Rabbit Balloon Bundles:

🔻 Rascal Rabbit Balloon x10 + 2

* Receive 12 Balloons for the price of 10 (1000 Rp's).

🔻 Rascal Rabbit Balloon x40 + 10

* Receive 50 Balloons for the price of 40 (4000 Rp's).

Golden Chest Key Bundles:

🔷 Golden Chest Key x10 + 2

* Receive 12 Golden Chest Key for the price of 10 (1000 Rp's).

🔷 Golden Chest Key x40 + 10

* Receive 50 Golden Chest Key for the price of 40 (4000 Rp's).

Get them here: https://soshop.playrohan.com/item_li...=99&sort_key=1

Sales duration: From July 09th to 14th at 16:00 PDT.

Note: Once purchased, all the package content will be sent to the account Cash Bank.

Gatcha Bonus Rewards:

For every 5000 Rps you purchase in gatcha bundles during the event period, you will receive on your account cash bank 3 (Event) Hello Summer Box on July 14th maintenance. The reward is cumulative by account.

🔘Purchase 5000 Rp's in gatcha bundle = 3 box.
🔘Purchase 10000 Rp's in gatcha bundle = 6 box.

🔴(Event) Hello Summer Box content:

* (Event) Hello Summer Box have different drop rates according with item rarity.

We wish you the best of lucks!

Love Seal^^
Seal BoD Team