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    [Promotion] Crazy Sales Days

    Hello Shiltizens,

    July is already here! New semester has begun and we wan’t to celebrate with some CrAzY sales days!

    🔲Starting withRanael Acquisition items:

    As usual, these items will be available only during this event period.

    🔹Craydeneh's Joker Card (Armor) – Take it to Craydeneh’s with 1 Ranael Broken Armor of election in order to receive 1 Ranael equipment +0.

    🔹Craydeneh's Joker Card (Weapon) – Take it to Craydeneh’s with 1 Ranael Broken Weapon of election in order to receive 1 Ranael weapon +0.

    🔹Ranael's Releasing Ticket – This item is usefull to level up your alternative characters. By using Ranael Releasing Ticket on a Ranae item, the level requirement will be decreased to 150 and the fame to 0.

    👉Find Ranael related items here:

    🔲Pet Evolution days:

    Want to try your luck on a Pet 7th grade evolution? Increase your chance to get the stats and rarity you need with Pet 7th Grade Evolution Items.

    15% off on all 7th grade evolution items:

    👉Find Pet 7th Evolution items here:

    🔲Evolution Bonus:

    Still don’t have enough 6th grade pets to try a 7th grade evolution? This Box can help you!

    Pretty Cherry Blossom Leaf Box provide Cherry Leaves that can be used as material for a successful 6th grade evolution.

    This leaves can replace other material needed for successful evolution without affect the success rate!

    🔲Function selected items sales is on!

    15% on selected Function useful items.

    Need some extra space to store items? Maybe more character slots? This and other useful items will be convenient for you.

    👉Find Function items here:

    🔲Double Raffle Raffle:

    Our team wants to appreciate our community support. That is why we will make a Double Raffle between all users that purchase 2500 Rp’s on event items to win some crazy rewards:

    🔹First Raffle: +12 Refinement Ticket:
    a- Save this item on your inventory next to the equipment you want to refine.
    b- Send a ticket to GM through support tool on the web and request the refinement.
    c- GM will refine your desired equipment to +12!

    🔹Second Raffle: Tiphareth’s Glorious Wings
    a-One lucky winner will receive this accessory on Mailbox!

    👉Winners of Double Raffle Raffle will be announced on forum on July 9th.
    👉Rewards will be supplied on July 9th as well.

    Promotion Period: From July 3rd to 7th at 12:00 PDT.

    We hope you enjoy this promotion! Thank you for your support Shiltizen!

    We wish you a wonderful week!
    Love Seal!
    Seal B.o.D Team.

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    Double Raffle Raffle Winners

    Thank you for participating and support us constantly!

    Here are the winners for this event:

    First Raffle prize: +12 Refinement Ticket

    winner: Helheim

    Second Raffle prize: Tiphareth’s Glorious Wings

    winner: Moncheri

    Congratulations for you both!

    Prizes were already sent!

    Love Seal!
    Seal B.o.D Team.

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