Greetings Shiltizens!

We know that lately we have seen multiple hacking cases happening in our community and we wanted to share some important information in order to avoid them.

All of our events information such as winners and rewards are always posted only in our forum or Facebook.

We never contact players directly in the game to let them know that they won something. We never share links in the game for you to access either.

So please avoid entering suspicious websites since they might be only for phishing purposes and they will keep all of your account information.

Also, using third party programs will increase the chances to get hacked since your data information will be now in hands of the program providers and we won’t be able to retrieve lost items if reported.

Remember that Malwares and Keyloggers will hide in some programs/applications and they will steal your Official Server Account information.

Some Examples:

Installing third-party programs
Downloading pirated software
Installing cheat engines (even if they are for other games)
Connecting to private servers
Downloading suspicious programs that don't have registration
Files shared by other users to modify the game's folder

We highly suggest you to avoid private servers since they will not provide the long term stability that official servers do.

Additionally, some of them are just made to drag you to their server in order to steal your Official Account information and sell your items for real money.

We hope this information will be helpful to you all!

Protect your information.
Protect your account
Stay safe at home

Love Seal! <3
Seal B.O.D Team