Hello Shiltizens,

We had been preparing surprises for you and now it is time to show you some!

📆Attendance Reward

Now Players will be able to claim a daily prize from now on.

Once you log in, you will see new icons on the left side of the screen. If you click the calendar icon, you will see that now you can claim a daily reward!

If you manage to log in every day of the week and claim de prizes, the cumulative prize will be also for you but if you miss one of the days, the system will restart all over again.

There will be somedays where only Premium users will obtain double prizes. (x2)

With this system, you will obtain normal coins, silver coins and gold coins. Each one with a different value. With the most valuable coin, you will get prizes that are more valuable.

All tickets and coins claimed here can be exchanged with the NPC Attendance Coin Exchanger located at Elim C-3 for other amazing prices!

Check the new items:

[Access] Hot Blooded Kungfu Bok Dance Polymorph Potion
[Access] Q [Water] Polymorph Potion
[Connection] Churu Pet Food
Limited Express Full Power Macaroon
[Access] Golden Key Exchange Coupon
Attendance Check Normal Coin
Attendance check Silver coin
Attendance check Gold coin

Time Reward

In addition, there will also be prizes for players who stay connected the longer.

You can click the alarm clock icon and see that for every 30 minutes connected, a prize will be enabled for you.

Only Premium users will receive special prizes.

Attention: Blessed Diamond and Blessed Ruby will expire after 7 days.

Both systems are only available per account and they will reset at 00:00 everyday

Rewards will be sent to the mailbox!

Stay tuned for more surprises!

Love Seal! <3
Seal B.O.D Team