To all our dear Shiltizens,

We would like to announce and remind you what we have for this month and what will have for the upcoming weeks.

Remember that Seal News is available every month to bring you all the equip plans, development process and last news in the world of Shiltz.

We hope that all of you are safe and healthy staying at home and remember to keep the safety protocol to protect yourself and your family.

📰Seal News Ė June 2020!📰

Stay home playtime & Bonus rewards
New playtime event available since June 2nd to obtain rewards for staying at home while we keep safe at home during the lockdown. This event is available until June 16th, do not get out of your account from now in order to get the most rewards as possible!
And that is not all! We have bonus special rewards for login in until June 13th.

Rascalío Poly
Marble has been updated and you have the chance to obtain new amazing items! Grab your balloons and let the rabbit jump all over those rewards. Good luck to all!

As mentioned before: Remember to patch your client to the last update to avoid any kind of issue at the time of claiming your rewards.

Golden Chest Update
We have already updated the Golden Chest for this month! Check the items available at the Forum News & Announcements. You have all this month to test your luck with this rewards!

Children's Month Celebration event
Little Jim is still around the city!
Help him recover his candies and pacifier to get a Classic Helium Balloon in exchange. And be aware! You have the chance to get red chips (to exchange for cegel) and blessed pink diamond too.

About red chip: Remember it will be exchanged after the end of the event on June 30th. Make sure to leave your red chip in your inventory on that date.

Fishing +EXP!!.- During the event season, since the Little Jimís pacifier has a very low chance to obtain, there is a fishing EXP buff and your EXP will be double if you use any EXP item!

Children's Pool Festival.- The GM event we have available for this season is the Pool Festival, to get Childrenís celebration boxes easily by exterminating the pool monsters.

New Shark Costume Box.- We have already seen cute sharkies around Shiltz. Get your Shark costume box, talk to the NPC Pool Shark Brother and get join the shark dressed army!

*This event is available until June 30th.

GM Events
We would like to take this time to mention about GM events that we all miss. As we have mentioned before, the current global situation has put some difficulties in everyone's way, we have been working on new updates and keep adding content every maintenance with the best of our effort.

We apologize that we currently cannot follow the GM events calendar as qe used to do couple months ago, please rest sure that as soon as this situation improves the events will come back, also we are planning new events, as mentioned before to enjoy with you.

We hope for your kind consideration, GMs also have really good time with players during GM events and streams. Unfortunately, we had to suspend this activities for a while since the experience during the events were going to be affected.

As mentioned before, we will be introducing back GM events little by little to keep enjoying together.

Coming Soon:

💛 Grabbit
This Tuesday! Grabbit will be updated one more time, new items, new chances to get special rewards!

💛 Playtime & Attendance system
We are glad to be introducing a login and playtime system to the game that will reward you daily! Youíll have the chance to prove how much you love Seal! By obtaining all this rewards daily.
Also, all of those who have a premium accounts will obtain extra rewards! Which is amazing!

Itís time to show your fidelity by visiting the game every day!

💛 Macro detection system
As we always mention, maps are free for all and with this system we plan to reduce the macro users, players will be able to report them without sending a ticket.

💛 Shiltz Conqueror Event
We have a new event on the way! All the details will be coming soon, we just can say, we are very excited for this.

With much love,
Seal B.O.D. Team