To all our dear Shiltizens,

We would like to announce and remind you what we have for this month and what will have for the upcoming weeks.

Remember that Seal News is available every month to bring you all the equip plans, development process and last news in the world of Shiltz.

We hope that all of you are safe and healthy staying at home and remember to keep the safety protocol to protect yourself and your family.

📰Seal News – May 2020!📰

Let’s Overcome Coronavirus event is over:
This month we ended the event to support all our players around to world to stay strong during this pandemic. Remember that all the equipment given by NPC Yulson has been returned to their original state as specified in the event. Also, level up extravaganza event is over and we hope that you enjoyed leveling up all your new characters!

Spring at Home - Login Event is over
As the corona event is over but is not the support, we wanted to give you more rewards at the Spring at home login event, which is already over and all the extra special rewards have been supplied too, you can check the special announcement to see which were the rewards.

Golden Chest:
We have already updated the Golden Chest for this month, you can check the items available at the Forum News & Announcements. We are happy to know that this month we have special items for you as the Mad Titan Glove. Go check’em before it gets updated!

Waterway Raiders event:
We had this short event available for two weeks where our shiltizens had to conquer the Waterway Dungeon exterminating the Forgotten King. All of those who achieved the challenge and completed the requirements obtained special rewards as the desired Blessed Pink Diamond. We consider this event special as this could happen only once in a year.

Grabbit Update:
Grabbit has been updated for this month and you can already play it on our website. Remember: with Grabbit you never lose! You can check it now at the Official Seal Online site.
Play Grabbit now!

JC Planet Migration:
During this month, we will be registering players from JC Planet Channeling to migrate to Play Rohan Portal as the service will close on June 30th, so JC Planet account players will be welcome to the Play Rohan family.

You can enter this link for more information:

Happy Children’s Month Celebration Event
This month we have available a new event that we hope you are already enjoying. For the Children’s Month Celebration we have the following events:

Help Little Jim!.- Help him recover his candies and pacifier to get a Classic Helium Balloon in exchange. And be aware! You have the chance to get red chips (to exchange for cegel) and blessed pink diamond too.

Fishing +EXP!!.- During the event season, since the Little Jim’s pacifier has a very low chance to obtain, there is a fishing EXP buff and your EXP will be double if you use any EXP item!

Children's Pool Festival.-
Going back to the GM events by little the Pool Festival is the best chance to get Children’s celebration boxes easily by exterminating the pool monsters.

New Shark Costume Box.- Go talk to the NPC Pool Shark Brother with your Shark Costume Box, he will be able for Shark Fragments to get a sharkie costume. If you are very lucky, you have the chance to get a nice stats costume from your box.

Coming Soon:

💛Golden Chest
The Golden chest update will be soon! Get blessed, ready and prepared to get the most of the special items you desire from the chest full of gold.

💛Rascal’o Poly
As the time pass so fast, the third update of the year for Rascal’o Poly is around the corner.

SPECIAL TIP: Remember to patch your client to the last update to avoid any kind of issue at the time of claiming your rewards, at the last update some of you had some trouble receiving rewards from the previous update, this happens when your game is not fully patched.

💛More events and updates
There are more updates, in-game systems and events coming for June and further months that make us excited about it. We want to leave the hype for later as our teams keep working hard on making all the good happen for all of you to enjoy.

Much Love, 💖
Seal B.O.D Team