When reporting missing items, please take in consideration the following:

a. All reports must be sent by ticket through our Support Platform with your ID, IGN (In-game name) of the affected character and Server.
b. You must provide the most exact time and date (server time) in your ticket.
c. Remember to always provide the exact name of the missing items as well as options and refine levels. Example: Ancient Hero Wings (Damage) .XG +9 HP 1%.
d. Reporting within the shortest time possible will increase the chances to track and restore the total or partially restore the items that you lost.
e. If a considerable amount of time has already passed, the GM Team won’t be able to track your items.

Also, here are some possible scenarios to bear in mind before sending a restoration request:

[Case I : Failed Refine]
Currently, the GM Team is not allowed to restore items that were broken due to a failed refine.

[Case II : Wrong price tag on item sold by kiosk]
If an item had a wrong price tag while vending on the kiosk, then the GM Team will not be able to restore it. Please remember to double-check the input price before starting any sale.

[Case III :Item lost through Chaos level drop sanction]
Items that are dropped and lost due to Chaos level couldn’t be restored. Also, the GM Team is not allowed to assist any type of transaction that uses this mechanic as exploit for trading items.

[Case IV : Items/cegels purchased with Rohan Points]
The GM Team won’t be able to give assistance to any type of agreement that involves RP codes as payment for in-game items.

[Case V :Sold Item(s) to NPC by Mistake]
* Your item can be restored by the GM team after removing the cegels that you obtained from the sold item.
* If your cegel balance isn't enough to cover the cost of the item, the GM team may ask you to scrape up enough cegels to cover the cost.

[Case VI : Dropped Item(s) by Mistake or send through the Mailbox function]
* If your item was dropped/sent without being picked up by any other players, your item may be restored by the GM team.
* If another player picked it up however, this case would be considered as part of the game, and NOT be eligible for restoration.

[Case VII : Hacked account / Compromised Account Issue]
* If the account hasn't been shared, the GM team will do an investigation. If your account has been shared, the investigation will be DENIED.

NOTE: Don’t forget to double check the level and the names of characters before lending them your items.

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