Greetings Rohanians!

Today we bring important news about the balance patch for the Giants. The patch will be applied on the 22nd of October and will hold a total of 16 reworked buffs & skills!

Below an overview is given of the skills/buffs which will be adjusted. Some key-changes are discussed as well.

The following table will include all skills/buffs that are going to be adjusted. On the right side it will either show: Buff, Nerf or Tweak. On the left side it shows the buff/skill name.

Buff – A skill or buff is increased in power
Nerf – A skill or buff is decreased in power
Tweak – A skill or buff is neither (really) increased nor (really) decreased in power but underwent multiple changes

General Focus:
The general focus of this patch was to make giants (both classes) much stronger self-buffed. After reviewing the performance of giants it was quickly noticed that warriors were quite weak in their damage output, this did not get a lot better with being a Savage or Berserker. The main changes observed will be heavy buffs towards self-buffed stats such as STR/DEX/VIT. Of course these are not the only long awaited changes, read along for more information!

Not a lot of cooldowns were changed in this balance patch, however just as with other classes the focus lies on being able to execute combo’s of either temporary buffs or skills more often. This leads to more active (PVP) gameplay. The change to achieve this can be seen for temporary buffs such as Madness (Berserker) but also Blood Adrenaline (Warrior) and Gail’s Cry (Savage).

The most important cooldown change is that of the Pillage skill of Savage. This skill made Savage able to steal (snatch) buffs from other classes in vast amounts. It’s a tool too powerful to allow in a balanced class system and thus the cooldown was drastically changed. In turn of course other self-buffs got large increases to make up for the loss in power.

The slow on Snare Axe from Berserker got a slight nerf in duration and slowing percentage.

The increase in Rage (critical damage conversion buff) in the Warrior tree will lead to large spike-critical damage in Warrior/Savage/Berserker. The buffs of Vigilance (STR & DEX) and Brutality (STR & VIT) are now on-par with other class buffs and should greatly increase the self-buffed power of Berserkers and Savages!

Both Berserker and Savage got a buff to their overall defence, being it in percentage wise increase of their physical and magical defence through buffing Brandish weapon (Berserker) or indirectly by buffing vitality through Brutality and lowering critical damage received through Ferocious (Savage).

AOE (Area Of Effect):
AOE effects were changed and set to be on-par with other classes AOE effects. The AOE effect of Savage however is not set at 100% since there is no damage drop-off to AOE targets hit, the percentage was however increased.

We will continue working on balancing the other class(es) to improve this game and enhance the gaming experience for all players. We will soon have more news about the other classes!

More Power & Love Rohan!

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N. Blood Feud & R.O.H.A.N. Balance Team-