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    [Notice] Seal News - June 2019!

    Hello Shiltzians!

    Another month has already passed and we have news about the upcoming updates for Seal Online!
    Before reading June Seal News, we recommend you to check the last on Seal Forum.

    Here we will inform you about all the equip plans, development process and last news in the world of Shiltz.

    So, letís start!

    📰Seal News Ė June 2019!📰

    This June:

    1 - Summer Savior Ė Anniversary Boost:

    From June 18th ~ July 16th, drop rates from fishing Sunglasses and collecting Sun Protector will be increased x8!
    During that period, you can acquire the event items much easier!

    2 Ė Donít forget!

    - You have only until June 18th to use the benefits of Level Jumper event!
    Event info: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#axzz5qZsZXJO6

    - Anniversary Login Event is available until June 30th, donít forget to login everyday so you can get the 24 days special prizes that are amazing!
    Event Info: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#axzz5qZsZXJO6

    - From June 12th ~26th, we invite you to participate on the newest community event Summer Memories, all you have to do is create a comic about your summer memories with your friends! You are free to use your creativity! We will check the best comics and announce the winners on June 28th. Check on Forum > Seal Online Events to know more.

    - Grabbit Fever Ė Seal Anniversary is available only until this June 14th, if you want to try your luck, we recommend you to check it since it wonít repeat again soon!
    Event Info: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#axzz5qZsZXJO6

    - Golden Chest and Rascalío Poly has been updated on June 6th as well, if you still could not check them out, you should keep an eye on all the exclusive items that were updated.

    - On June 12th we had an Emergency Maintenance on the game data center that lasted from 14:26 ~ 16:23. A compensation will be given to affected players on June 18th maintenance containing:

    Luxury Special Power-up Potion
    Luxury Special Magic Fiber Potion
    Luxury Special Defense D
    Luxury Special Dex-up Potion
    Luxury Special Eva-Up Potion

    Upcoming Next few months:

    1- PK channel updates:

    So far everything is going great on development. If everything goes as planned, PK channel will have its first release on Seal B.o.D on late July.

    2- Pet growing system:

    Will include an improvement in the pet system including a new interface that will make more practical to evolve your pets.
    Additionally, new pets planned to come to Seal Online B.o.D.
    The schedule is also planned for this July. It may be postponed if we find any inconvenience on tests.
    More info will be given as soon as we receive the complete information from developers.

    3- Class Balance:

    Skill reorganizations, balance and redesigning some non-used ones are the main project for this update that will happened through this year.
    Developers are planning to bring the first 2 classes (Priest / Wizard) updated late August 2019.
    This could also be postponed according to user feedback on Korean Seal after the first update.

    4- New User Support:

    Great news! New NPC being developed to support new users on level-up experience. For reaching specific levels, you will be able to talk to Yulson NPC to receive items that will support you on your journey!

    Donít forget, we will launch a Seal News post every month to keep you on track about our progress!

    We canít wait to give you more info about everything that is planned for 2019!

    Enjoy the game!

    Love Seal^^

    Seal B.o.D Team!
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