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    Questions about pretty much everything

    Hey there,

    I've already annoyed some poor beings ingame with stupid nab questions. So I thought I can continue in here.

    1) How to get Transcended Opanial Weapon (if that was the correct name).That's what I understood by now:
    - I need 10 time jewels + unique pres stone
    - I have to use recycle 2 for them
    - I might get something out of it called "blessed"?
    - Then I open it and it can become a lvl 1 weapon of my choice
    - Somehow I need one opanian ticket as well - maybe out of the blessed as well?
    - At the end I can recycle the lvl 1 weapon with the opanian ticket (in which recycle system btw?)
    - I have some pro weapon afterwards
    - Be happy!

    2) + the weapon
    - how can it be +sed (what pres stones or stuff do I need for it?)

    3) Options for weapon
    - as far as I understand the weapon has sockets for stuff on it
    - where can I get these?
    - how long do they last?
    - are they expensive?
    - is the amount of sockets fixed or randomly?

    Ok, that's it for now. Nab questions over.
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