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    The Ultimate New Player Guide To Rohan Blood Feud

    NOTICE **: This thread will be edited whenever new updates change the state of the game. This might take time so not everything here might be 100% up-2-date.

    I've seen some questions are frequently asked on this or other parts on the forum so I decided to make some general post for new players or returning players. Which they can go through to get up-to-date information on the most recent gameplay, items, tricks and updates.

    General Info:
    If you are going to play Rohan and you want to be a competitive PVP player you HAVE to spend $ or you have to spend alt of time doing business and farming and such to be able to get yourself good gears. Take this in mind or don't start at all, you'll only be disappointed. This game takes a lot of patience.

    Scam Prevention:
    1. Never borrow stuff or share account info, never.
    2. Always double check(I triple check) everything you trade, including the stats of the items in trade and the amount of coins/Rp’s involved.
    3. NEVER accept offers which seem too good to be true and require you to either pay up first, basically anything that doesn't involve either (instant)EM actions or the (instant)in game trade mechanism.
    4. When buying from chars that sit shop CHECK every price manually before you buy it, some people alter the price so it looks cheap in F(item search) or they put an item with another 0 added to the price.
    5. Don't use any other currency’s besides RPS/ECASH/Crone/Items/IP.
    6. Don't be greedy and buy an item ''cheap'' because you just got a PM another person needs that item, you think you'll make money as middle man but as soon as you bought the item the second buyer is gone.
    7. Don't login into keygens or whatever, get a proper virus scanner and don't reply on people saying they are giving out free stuff via mail/Facebook/Rohan EM or in game etc.

    Definitions, Tips & tricks

    - From my own experience I'm guessing the success rate for a white Skill Enhancement Stone lies around 20% (tested with roughly 120 white SES, results matched 20%). Rumour has it the blue SES (ones that drop from monsters) have higher success rate but I have never noticed this nor tested.

    - There is a difference between Ecash and RP, Ecash is a virtual currency you can ONLY use in the Exchange Market. Rp's can be used in the Exchange Market AND in the Item Mall, thus making it more valuable. Try not to spend Rp's on items from the Exchange Market but only for the Item Mall since in general Item mall prices of items in Ecash are 2 times as high as prices in RP's

    - There are different NPC (Non Player Characters) in Rohan that give you level up rewards. For level 1-50 there are 2 NPCS that give rewards. The first NPC is the blue one at the bind stone of your hometown (depending on your class this is a different npc because you have a different hometown). This npc gives you rewards every 5 levels (starting at level 5 and ending at level 50). The other NPC is at the bind stone from the Gathering Hall, This npc gives you a reward every 10 levels up till level 50.
    Note: you can only claim rewards from the Gathering Hall NPC if you are in a 15 level range of the quest, if you level higher than this the reward will disappear! Once you are level 50 there is a blue npc at the limestone foothill bind stone that gives you a reward every 5 levels from level 55 to level 115. Note Once you hit a level >99 you cannot claim the rewards from < 99, make sure you claim your rewards before that!!!

    - In general Forging/Refining Items is Expensive. In most cases it costs more than you intended and it’s often cheaper to just buy the items from other players than it is to make it yourself. For low level gear(<100) I'd say you can either buy it or make it since you don’t need preservation stones and the parts are fairly cheap. For high level gear(onyx and such) I'd suggest to buy it from other players rather than making it yourself. Making it depends on your own luck, you could be spending a lot of money and you’ll still have no gear. Buying it from others is the safer option. For all the time I play I bought around 90% of my gear and only made a small part myself, simply because it was cheaper to do so.

    - IM stands for Item Mall, EM stands for Exchange Market. The item mall is the regulated market place for items offered by PW (the company that owns this game). The Exchange market is a Marketplace in which players can sell/buy items/crones/characters from other players.
    NOTE: There is a 10% tax/fee on selling things on the EM so if you sell something for 1000 ecash you'll only gain 900, the 100 ecash that’s lost is a fee for using the EM.

    - If you are in game press ''F'' then type an items name you want let’s say ''Shield of edwin''. type Shield with a capital S (ALWAYS use a capital letter). Now if you are Lucky some shields of edwin will show up. This means people are sitting kiosk (shop) and you can buy it. The location and price is also shown in there. You can double click the item and a blue arrow will show up, this blue arrow will guide you to the seller’s kiosk.

    - If you press ''L'' while in game you get so see your friends list, if you then go to the third tab which is called ''Find player'' you see a box which says ''Activate Anonymous mode'' this will prevent players from finding you and the location you are on. Check this box if you have a lot of problems with (personal) pker's.

    - Buy a bunny, this pet will remember the location you are on for 5 minutes and port you back there. It saves ALOT of time while grinding or questing, you can sell items or buy potions and you'll be back before you know it!

    - Walter medals, Talismans, (Magical) Talismans are permanent items that permanently boost your stats. You only have to keep them in your inventory to gain the boost. Furthermore if you have a Walter Medal +6(and higher) you can reseal it using a Unique Forge Preservation stone(Bought in the IM), this way it gets tradable(Sealed) again. The Talismans or (Magical) Talismans which are +6 or +7 can be sealed again using a Talisman Seal Scroll (bought at the IM).

    - The Elemental talisman is available from level 90 and higher, you can get it from an NPC inside the Minor dungeon and it costs 25 personas of each kind (there are 6 kinds so you need 6x25=150 personas). The elemental talisman boosts your HP/attack/defence/PVE defence and is a great and cheap talisman that I would suggest any new player to buy as soon as they reach level 90

    - You can buy ‘’Transcended Item’s Exchange Centre XP Pouch’’. This pouch will instantly level you up from level 1 to level 101. This is a very good item to invest some money in as a new player. It will allow you to skip over the first 100 levels and skip al the required gear as well. If you absorb the XP of roughly 3 XP pouches you’ll be able to wear Onyx armours and such.

    - You can get tickets +12/+15/+18/+21. These tickets give a 100% chance to reinforce an item +1 up to a max of what the ticket shows you.
    Example: if you have a ring +5 you can use an Enhancement Ticket +12 on it and the ring will be +6. You can keep doing this until your ring becomes +12 after which you’ll need +15 tickets to get it to +15 and so on.
    The best way to use tickets is to + your ring using Abrant + ARS first to roughly +8-10. After this you can use tickets to reinforce your item all the way up to +21 (if you’re into that kind of stuff hue).

    - Farming in mirror dungeons gives good rewards but the monsters hit very hard and have a lot of HP. Make sure to party your friends and guild members. This game is a TEAM based game, don’t do everything alone, you won’t make it.

    - There is a cap on weapon based damage drop, the maximum amount of damage drop you can reach in game is 80%. Everything beyond 80% is negated.
    Note that this is ONLY for the damage drop from weapons, which is in one layer. Other damage reducing effects are in different layers and thus will still count but will be less effective than the mentioned percentage because they reduce damage as a second or third tier effect (meaning they decrease damage AFTER the damage reduction of your weapon, thus being less effective)

    - There is a cap on melee/ranged/magic % attack boosters. The maximum boost you can achieve with buffs, items, scrolls, stones, pets etc. is 200%. Anything over 200% is negated.

    - While you kill monsters you can obtain hunting boxes, These boxes contain 1-4 crystals. The crystals can be exchanged for time/blessed time/premium time boxes (NPC in the crafting studio). These boxes contain valuable rewards including +12/+18/+21 tickets. Obtaining 100% hunting bonus is faster for lower level characters (mainly because lower levels have a slower degrading process of hunting bonus while having an interval in killing monsters).

    - When creating your character you get a package that gives you crafted weapons. These crafted weapons have bad stats but you can use crafted option stones from the IP (IP is a currency earned in the elemental dungeons and can be bought from players for a low amount crone/Rp’s). These ‘’free’’ crafted weapons come with 2 sockets which can fit 2 IP crafted stones. These stones are quite powerful and cheap. They are perfect for a beginning player. (I suggest to always use a Health Absorption stone on your weapon to stay alive while killing monsters).

    - Mirror dungeons are literally mirror images of already existing dungeons such as the Akmah Cave. However the monsters in those dungeons are level 140 or higher, have a few million HP and drop very valuable items. To farm these items you will have to be at least 115 and have really good gears. Beside that you can’t really go solo, you will need a party with complementary classes (meaning DPS and support classes).

    - PVP & PVE Defence works like damage drop but it’s specifically designed to only reduce PVE or PVP related damage (PVE = Player vs. Environment & PVP is Player vs. Player)

    As first, most servers got merged in the past, you have now either (Jainus) or (Isen). All the sub servers like ''Jin'' or ''Syrephis'' belong to the main group (Jainus). Straight to my next point which server is the most populated one....Well that’s Jainus for sure.

    If you considering to start on one of them I'd suggest you start on Jainus because Isen is abandoned. This is also why I'll mainly explain stuff about Jainus and not about Isen. (Isen server has NO upgraded weapons). Another negative point about ISEN is the market, there is no real EM or in game market going which means you can’t buy items from other players and will have to make most of the stuff yourself. This makes this server (even though there are no upgraded weapons) far more expensive than Jainus.

    Upgraded weapons:
    Okay so you have 3 different kinds of upgraded weapons you have:

    1. Epic Weapons
    2. 4x OLD Upgraded Weapons (Version 1.0)
    3. 4x NEW Upgraded Weapons (Version 2.0 and 3.0 ones)

    1. Epic weapons were the first version of upgraded weapons released by YNK many years ago. They have similar stats which are the same (except for the class depending stats like melee/magic/ranged/ and bonus str/dex/vit etc.). This is due to YNK handing out a complete weapon+15 when purchased.
    2. the OLD upgraded weapons were made by buying 4 separated parts and forging those together until you had a full weapon.
    3. the NEW upgraded weapons also work that way(buy 4 parts and forge them yourself), they can be recognised because they are similar to the Glacial weapons. The NEW upgraded weapons are the best weapons in game currently (some 2.0 ones are better some 3.0 ones are better depending on your class and the purpose of the weapon, farming or PVP)

    Transcending Armour/Weapons:
    Simple introduction to the trans system. This system gives you the ability to enhance your gear with sockets, the amount of sockets you get depends on the grade of your item, with onyx being the highest grade for weapons, giving you 3 sockets, onyx armour gets 2 sockets. I will divide the trans process in a few short and simple steps:

    Step 1(Getting trans-fragments):

    The mirror maps (Sunken, Demonic etc.) have monsters that drop 3 day option stones which can be used for trans-weapons, they can also be extracted in the crafting studio and will give you 5 trans fragments each. In Sunken you can take quests and after killing a certain amount of monsters/bosses you will get trans fragments as reward. Any monster in the new maps has a chance to drop Rough Transcendence Stones which when handed in at an npc at the crafting studio (behind the ashkeena/inter dung npcs) will give you 3 trans fragments

    Power Arena badges can be exchanged for transcended stones making you able to get a shiny trans stone for 40 ‘’badge of Victory’’.

    Farming in Hero's Hall (Reqruires 115+50 lvl & really good gear) will give you trans fragments as well, monsters drop those there.

    Step 2(Exchanging trans-fragments): If you have enough fragments (1000) you can exchange them for a trans stone, once you have 40 trans stones (40.000 fragments or 40 badges) you can fuse them into a Shiny Transcendent Stone which you can then use at your weapon or armour

    Step 3(Transcending your gear): This step is nothing but using the trans stone at your selected weapon or armour, after this your weapon will have a different colour and will have sockets to add option stones to. To use the stone simply double click it.

    Are you new?
    By far the best and cheapest rings are the PVP and PVE Pendants. Those pendants give you 200 of a certain stat (for example 200 agility) and 2000 HP and 2000 MP. You can + them using reinforcement tickets but abrant + ARS also works. (see crafting section for an elaborate explanation about this).

    The pendants can be claimed inside the minor elemental dungeon, it requires you to bring 10 proofs of a certain kind (you need a character <115). After handing in 10 proofs you’ll get a pouch that contains the 4 pendants. The set effect of the pendants is 20% PVE defence. You can also obtain 20% PVP defence pendants. Those pendants can be bought via the ‘’badge exchange centre’’ in game (right side of your screen, icon looks like 2 crossed swords). It costs 200 power badges and has the same stats as the PVE pendants, only the set effect is different.

    Aren’t you new?
    If you are not new you can try to use boss drops as rings. There are two kinds of boss drops. Let’s call them ‘’old’’ boss drops and ‘’new boss drops’’ .

    Old Boss drops:
    You shouldn’t use plain boss drops but you have to forge them. Use 2x the same boss drop (Flame Diamond, Feathers Of Goddess Silva, Bezmut eyes, Ruler Of Ancient Darkness) + Prayer of the water temple (90% success chance) and you'll gain a forged boss drop which will be called for example (Feathers Of Goddess Silva(Wood)) The element ''wood'' or ''metal'' or ''fire'' indicate it's a forged boss drop.

    Now you can + your boss drop by using Armour Reinforcement Stones I-VI (1-6) + Reinforcement Abrant. Take Note The Reinforcement Abrant A only gives a 80% chance to preserve your item. Use ''Reinforcement Abrant'' or Deluxe Reinforcement Abrant (also increases your success chance slightly) to forge your boss drop with 100% chance to preserve it if you fail.

    Note: plus’ing rings is very expensive, trying to boost rings to +12 yourself will cost you 100s of dollars.

    New Boss drops:

    New boss drops are similar to the old ones and can be reinforced in the same way. The difference is that those ’’new’’ boss drops can be converted into the very much desired ‘’Chakra’’ rings. These rings are the most powerful rings you can currently obtain and are VERY expensive to make. The exact way to make them is elaborately explained by a GM in the topic below but I will give a quick summary here.

    Boss drop (A-D)+12 = chakra+0 --> chakra+12 = chakra(wood)+0 --> chakra(wood)+12 = infinity chakra (wood)+0 --> infinity chakra (wood)+0 + PVP pendant +12 = Authority chakra+0 --> Authority chakra+0 + PVE pendant+12 = Verdict Chakra

    From the infinity chakra stage you will keep the + your chakra are and you basically transcend your chakra twice, using PVP and PVE pendants. Notice that this pathway is only for one ring. You have 4 rings so you have to do this 4 times to get 4x max chakra rings. (in total you need to make 24 rings +12)

    GM-Fennix Detailed guide to Chakra enhancement: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#axzz5TdIF7Rhk

    Crafting system(Rings/Weapons/Armour):
    There is a crafting system that allows you to make Rings and Armour and Weapons from raw materials. This system is different from the conventional forging system. You have to gather certain materials and add them together in the crafting studio to make the item you want. This system is quite old and it takes a lot of effort to make the item you want so in general I would rather advice a player to use the conventional system and just forge your weapons/armour. The only advantage the crafting system offers is the fact that you can make Armour Reinforcement Stones I-IV, which are required to + rings.

    Currently the best armour in game is named ‘’opaniel’s armour’’ You could call this crafted armour since it fits stones which are specifically designed for ‘’crafted items’’. The way you make it is similar to how chakras are made.
    You start out with a Chimera armour set (this can be gotten as reward from the Time Jewel Box or bought from other players)

    Chimera armour +12 = tali’s armour+0 --> tali’s armour+12 --> opaniel’s armour+0 + Shiny trans stone = Transcended opaniel’s armour

    This way you have to +12 5 armour parts two times (or 3 times if you want to end up with trans opaniel armour +12). Meaning you’ll have to 15x +12 an armour part. Due to the closure of another Rohan server (Rohan ORIGIN) The GM’s merged some of their players to JAINUS/ISEN. Those player got each an opaniels armour set as reward. Due to this there are quite some opaniel armour sets in rotation and it’s much cheaper to buy a set from another player than to try and make one yourself.

    NoteOpaniel set effect gives you 30% PVP defence which is why it’s the most valuable armour currently available in Rohan. However Abyss armour is for PVE the best armour you can get and offers a competition with the Opaniel Armour Set.

    What class should I play?:
    You have a lot of different classes in Rohan. Mainly you have Races and classes. Each Race contains 2 classes. For example Elf is a race which contains Priests and Templars.

    Current Classes that are viable in PVP: (Damage Dealer)
    - Agi Avenger (Dhan) (Single target burst)
    - Dex Ranger (Half Elf) (Single target burst)
    - Agi Predator (Dhan) (AOE)
    - Str Noir (Trinity) (AOE)
    - Str Guardian (Human) (CC class + decent combo damage)
    - Str Defender (Human) (will require very good gear) (CC class)
    - Int/Str Savage (Giant) (snatching all buffs)
    - Int Warlock (Dark Elf) (needs very good gear)
    - Int Dragon Sage (Dekan)
    - Int Templar (Elf)

    Current Classes that are viable in PVP: (Support)
    - Vit Defender (Human)
    - Psy Rumir (Trinity)
    - Psy Priest (Elf)
    - Str Guard/Str Defender (Human)
    - Vit Wizard (Dark Elf)
    - Vit/Int Warlock (Dark Elf)

    Note that Str Guard/ Str Defender have the skillsets to support but are also ok/good DPS it's a character with multiple jobs and depending on how skilled (and rich) you are you can support your team whilst also doing major DPS (Damage per second).

    Classes that are viable in PVE:
    - Psy Wizzard (Dark Elf) (underpowered but with really good gear can farm almost anywhere, in a party)
    - Str Savage (Giant) (not very good, INT & buff snatching is better)
    - Psy Rumir (Trinity) (cheap and pretty good damage for a support)
    - Str Noir (Trinity)
    - Int Templar (Elf) (works very well with high level gear)
    - Dex Scout (Half Elf) (you will need good gear to survive with this)
    - Int Dragon Sage (Dekan) (The best PVE class in game, if you have the money/time to gear one properly, they excell in partys and can farm literally everywhere and even kill bosses)
    - Str Defender (Human)
    - Vit Dragon Knight (Dekan) (Works but only 2 AOE skills to use so won't kill really fast, it's cheap to gear though)
    - Int Warlock (Dark Elf) (underpowered in PVE due to pre-set damage of their main damage per second skils (bleed))
    - Str Berserker (Giant)
    - Str Guardian (Human)
    - Agi Predator (Dhan) (Good PVE class)
    - Psy Priest (Elf) (Not the fastest way to grind but after 115 you're able to solo grind ok in some areas, for mirror dungeons it’s mainly used as support)

    Most Popular classes that are viable in PVE and PVP:
    - Agi Predator (Dhan)
    - Str Noir (Trinity)
    - Psy Rumir (Trinity)
    - Int Templar (Elf)
    - Int Dragon Sage (Dekan)

    There are a lot of different kinds of armour that you can use in this game but this is what I would advise to do from level 1-115.
    Note that I wrote down the normal versions of the armours. the Enchanted Versions are always better of course.
    Note It’s better to use a transcended XP Pouch and get level 101 instantly, skipping the low level armours

    level 1-30: Froianne
    level 30-60: Pluion/Edwin
    level 60-90: Edwin
    level 90-105: Serpent Split
    105-115+50: Darkness Onyx Armour - Note that you can also Trans this armour giving it the possibility to add option stones (example Onyx armour (chest) with 2 socket could hold a 80 str and 80 vit stone (3 days duration on the stones))


    115-115+50: Transcended opaniels armour (2 sockets when trans, fits both transcended and crafting option stones) (set effect of Trans opaniel armour set is 30% pvp defense & 6k hp & att/def)


    115-115+50: Transcended Abyss Armour, which grants 10% hp, 10% all defense, 10% skill defense as set effect. The individual parts grant all stats (which scale when reinforced) as well as HP/str/dex/vit/psy/int/agi and each specific armour part has a specific stat such as PVP attack & defense and PVE attack & defense as well as skill attack.

    [COLOR="red"]Details about Abyss armour:

    All the Abyss armours can be found with either str/dex/vit/int/psy/agi on them, beside that, each part offers a specific percentage multiplier on it.

    The maximum stats for any part are:
    1 normal unforged part: 76 stats +3%
    1 Unique part: 304 stats +12%

    Example: 76 Psyche and 3% Skill Attack on a helmet

    The Specific Percentage Stats on all parts are as follows:

    Helmet: Skill Attack % (basically reduces the skill defense of the opponent)
    Gauntlet: PVP Attack %
    Armour: PVE Attack %
    Tasset: PVE Defense %
    Boots: PVP Defense %

    Note: I did not mention Bedron armour, parts for that armour are rare and its mostly more expensive than Edwin/Pluion while it’s not even that much better than Edwin. A good Edwin set is enough for most classes to level up to level 85-90.

    Levelling up 1-115(+50):
    Some information about the levelling system here. You start at level 1 and you can reach up to 115 levels. You can after this gain % XP which will give you conqueror levels. You can have a maximum of 50 Conqueror levels. If you die while you are 115 you can lose % just like at any other level (well after level 21). After you reached 115+50 you will get a special emote around your character and you will not lose your conqueror levels even if you lose %.

    Note: after 115+7 you won’t lose XP/items anymore when you die.
    Note: after 115+50 you can transcend your stats. You have to pay 200.000.000 (200 million) crones and (250 billion XP).

    This will give you 15 stats which are randomly distributed over str/dex/vit/psy/int/agi. You have the possibility to ‘’reroll’’ the stat divide for 1 badge of victory for every reroll. On top of that you can use the item ‘’Origin Of Transcendence +(1-5) to lock a certain amount of stats in place while transcending your stats. If you for example use the Origin Of Transcendence +3 on str, you will gain at least 3 str and 12 (15-3) other stats, randomly distributed.

    115+50 gives you (in total): All Status +100, level 135 official level to equip gear, Skill Resistance + 20%, Damage Drop +10% and 500 Stat points.

    Elemental Dungeons:
    There are three different kinds of elemental dungeons
    1. Minor elemental dungeon (from level 90) (5 stages)
    2. Intermediate elemental dungeon (from level 115+0) (10 stages)
    3. Superior elemental dungeon (from level 115+50) (15 stages)

    Shortened, people use ‘’minor’’ ‘’inter’’ ‘’sup’’ for these dungeons when mentioning them. All three dungeons give relatively good XP for the level that’s needed to enter them. All three dungeons have a similar rewards system in which you get random ‘’rolls’’ on rewards with each stage you complete. Completing more stages gives you more rolls (ad more XP) and thus a higher chance for good rewards. The difficulty of these dungeons varies a lot, most new players and noobs are able to 5 stages of minor quite fast. After say level 110 the XP you get from minor isn’t that great anymore. At 115+ (or high +) this XP becomes nearly neglect able. Inter dungeons gives good XP up to 115+40 or so. After this the amount feels low since the XP you need for the remaining levels is huge. Inter dungeons is a lot harder to complete and not that many players can easily do 10 stages (specially the last boss stage is hard for many players to complete and requires a certain party composition to finish off easily). Superior dungeons is TOO hard for 99,9% of the players. Some players can finish the first 5 stages and maybe 2-3 players in the whole server can finish up to 15 stages.

    Note: The amount of XP from level 1 to level 115+38 is the same (amount/number) as from 115+38 to 115+50. So at 115+38 you are only half way (XP wise)

    Preferred party composition for inter dungeons:

    -1x Rumir (darkloop boss + heals)
    -1x Predator (main DPS class) OR 1x Dragon Sage (main DPS class)
    -1x Ranger (WF to increase your overall speed, keep you alive when HK re-centres and to apply ulti on boss)

    -1-2x other supports such as priests or VIT defender, possibly guardian for crit aura.
    -1-2x other DPS such as templar/scout/dragon sage/noir/savage/berzerker

    Note:Avengers, dragon knight, guardian, warlock, wizard are not as useful, you might find that some of them are good since they know their class very well and they have really good gears but overall with similar gear I’d say these classes are not as useful as the ones mentioned above.

    To start off you can buy pets from the Item Mall and in game for crone. You can fuse these pets to make better pets. You will need 2x level 3 normal pets (such as honey bear, soft kahto, bunny, monkey etc.) and fuse them with a special fuse item (example: Lion Crown)(90% success change, if you fail, you keep both pets and lose the fuse item). This will give you a level 1 fused pet such as a lion king, royal dragon, fairy etc.

    Currently the best pets in game are pets which are made by using pet adoption tickets. It's highly recommended you use either one of those ''new'' pets especially if you want to PVP. An NPC in the crafting studio has a quest to exchange 250 Pet Adoption Ticket (which are dropped by monsters in any of the mirror dungeons, it is a rare drop). Exchanging 250 tickets will give you 1 of the pets below (of your choice), the pets are permanent and grow up to lvl 3 (stats shown below are for lvl 3 pets). It takes 9000 feeds to level such a pet from level 1 to level 3. You can obtain the 1k petfeeds (a petfeed that lasts for 60 minutes and increases the feedcount on your pet by 1000) for 200K IP in the IP mall (also in the crafting studio).

    Nurse Goddess Silva (level 3):
    - 50% HP
    - 30% attack speed
    - 50% weight raise
    - 40% Damage to HP (this will convert 40% of your received damage directly to HP)

    Tennis Goddess Silva (level 3):
    - 50% HP
    - 30% attack speed
    - 50% weight raise
    - 40% boost to Melee/Magic/Ranged attack (just like empower)

    Maid Goddess Silva (level 3):
    - 50% HP
    - 30% attack speed
    - 50% weight raise
    - 20% cooldown reduction for all skills/buffs

    Hero Goddess Silva (level 3):
    - 50% HP
    - 30% attack speed
    - 50% weight raise
    - 35% PVP attack (literally boosts all your damage in PVP by 35%)

    Titles are valuable assets in this game and can make your character A LOT stronger. The most easy and valuable (relative of course) title to obtain is the ‘’Explorer Title’’ to obtain this you have to go to the HCS button (right side of your screen, looks like a large capital Q). You have to press ‘’Challenge’’ and teleport to the mangrove & southern shielynth bind stone. You’ll automatically get a message when your title quest is completed. To equip the title press C and select the title you want.

    The best title in game is the 1k stats title (it gives 1000 of a certain stat (for example str) and gives 10% PVP defence, 10.000 HP and 200 attack (either melee or ranged or magic)

    To make this title you need previous, accumulating titles. Starting with the titles you can obtain from the power arena. Once you reach the maximum power arena title (named Star of Victory) you can get the ‘’Transcended title’’ (requires 50x badge of victory, level 115+50, 1x shiny transcendence stone and star of victory title ticket). Once you reach the transcended title you can obtain the 1k stats title which requires 100 proofs of every kind (400 in total 4x100 proofs) 100x badge of victory, 1x shiny transcendence stone and 115+50 and the previous mentioned ‘’’transcended title ticket.

    Guarders are a new kind of ‘’shield’’ Every class/race can use a guarder but they really are only useful for classes that do not use a shield. You have 4 different kind of guarders:
    - Chimera guarder,
    - Talis Guarder,
    - Opaniels Guarder
    - Transcended opaniels guarder.

    The different tiers are created the same way as opaniels armour is obtained. (+12 each time until you reach opaniel, after which you need a shiny transcendence stone to transcend it). A guarder is (compared to chakras or opaniels armour) relatively cheap to make. It’s a must have for every class that doesn’t use a shield since the option stones for it are available on the IM, last 30 days and give a wide variety of effects that can’t really be gotten any other way (except for trans weapon stones).

    Note that the guarder spirit stone with HP or MP absorption does not work the same as HP/MP absorption from your weapon or buffs. Guarder absorption stones only have a fixed % chance to work rather than to exactly convert a certain amount of damage to HP or MP every hit.

    Power Arena:
    From level 90 and higher you can attend the power arena. This is an even that is held 8 times a day in blocks of 4 consecutive power arena fights. It’s mainly a PVP event but there is PVE opportunity too. The Power Arena rewards are seasonal, meaning depending on the rank you achieve you get rewards once the season ends.

    There are 4 major reasons why you should attend a power arena every day:
    1. The (victory)badges from power arena are needed for titles but also for buying PVP pendants (Power badge) and making shiny transcended stones (victory badge)
    2. The end of season rewards include tickets+12/15 and an XP pouch. This XP pouch can contain up to 1(T) trillion XP (to put this in perspective, you need 3,5T to level a character all the way to 115+50, so doing 3 PA seasons will get you to max level)
    3. It’s a fun source of PVP without the risk of losing anything or getting angry people after you because you PK’ed them. It’s also a good place to meet new people, advertise to sell/buy items.
    4. The power arena talisman is a very powerful talisman that’s completely free. It gets better as you attend more power arenas. It’s a must have for any new/noob but also veteran player. The talisman’s rank is also what will decide which final season reward you’ll obtain

    You can attend a maximum of 3 power arena’s every day. If you lose 3 power arenas you get the same rewards as when you win 1. The normal rewards for losing 3 or winning 1 are 1 badge of victory and 8x certificate fragments and 10 power badges. If you however succeed in obtaining at least 10 points (monster or PVP bother work) or more you will get 12 certificate fragments instead of 8. The certificate fragments can be exchanged for certificates, which are required for the quests (in the crafting studio) to upgrade your Power Arena Talisman. (The basic talisman can be bought in the Badge Exchange Centre (2 crossed swords right side of your screen) for 50 Power badges).

    Making Money(at low level):
    At high level 115+ and so on the best way to make money(by far) is by farming pet tickets and trans option stones in mirror dungeons. Considering this thread is for new players I'll give some advice I used when first came here.

    Since PW gave us Hunter kits (in game bots to grind your char for you) it’s fairly easy to farm/grind. You could start off at any spot with monsters your level (make sure you have HP/MP potions in your bag and equip them in your hunter kit so you won’t die that easily). Kill monsters and pick up what they drop. This should be your first way to 1-100 mill coins. If you have some coins and gear you can try some other (faster) ways of making money these are described below this one.

    Note: Most of the time there are events which have a common ‘’world loot’’ meaning that a certain item drops from all monsters in game, at any given level/moment. This world loot can be sold to other players, traded for items or used to make certain boxes or claim special rewards. Farming world loot with low level characters is a very good way to make money.

    - Kill mini bosses for option stones: this is a fairly simple way to make some money, you can start off by killing Vairokans (level 27) or Berg (level 25) or Enchanted Tonken (level 40), Giant Orc King (level 50 not sure), Varg Patriarch (level 9), Black Turpin (lvl17). These bosses are scattered around the maps of Rohan and drop mainly rare armour parts(green) and option stones. The armour is useless but the option stones can sometimes be worth 5-100 mill or even more if you are lucky. Note if you are totally new in game and you have no gear or cosmetic items whatsoever those bosses will probably kill you (even if you are 5-10 levels higher than the boss). You need some descent gear to be able to survive these bosses.

    Note: by partying a low level character you are able to kill bosses and obtain their loot even though the character you are using is much higher than the bosses level. As soon as a monster has a grey name for you, they will not give you any loot anymore since you out levelled them and it wouldn’t be a fair fight. However once you party for example a level 1 alt with your level 115 main (+ levels don’t count) you will gain the advantage of what I call the ‘’party average level’’. To calculate your party average level you can simply add the levels of the people in it and divide it by the amount of people in the party.

    Level 115 and Level 1 and Level 48
    (115+1+48)/3 = 55 party average level

    - Do the elemental dungeon (a lot of times, you can do it once a day), doing this can give you Skill Enhancement Stones which you can sell or use. If you are lucky you can also obtain other more rare rewards.
    - levelling Trinity chars to level 50(it's fast) and doing the level 50 SES quest (tradable white SES)(Cronia tomb bind stone quest), you can level multiple trinity’s at once and farm SES this way.
    - Fishing, yes you can fish for Rainbow trout and sweet-fishes and sell them while you sit shop. You can also open all the rainbow routs and hope for a SES which you can then sell. This is a very old-school way of making money and rather slow unless you’re really good at catching rainbow trout/sweet-fish.
    - In general to do any of these next things you have to know the prices of all items so you know for how much you can sell an item you just bought (if you don’t know this you'll lose money instead). Check the shops in Limestone Foothill/Crafting studio daily and spend some time scrolling through the EM every day. Keep a keen eye on the crone/RP rate on the EM as well since that’s will tell you a lot about the value of items in game vs. items on the EM. Note: Every second Tuesday there's a server maintenance. Due to new updates or patches some items might drop or increase in value VERY fast after a maintenance. Keep this in mind, this can make you very rich and/or very poor in a very short time.

    Now if you done some of the things mentioned above you should have some crones. Now it's time to make real money, at first it will be slow but once you get the hang of it (and some luck) you can make good profit every day. Your basic strategy is to buy items that are wanted by many players so you can sell them fast(high turnover frequency). You should buy items for a low price and sell them for a higher price. This tactic can be divided in a few different categories.

    1. Buying items for crones in game and selling them for Ecash (keep the 10% fee in mind or you'll lose money so you'll need at least like 20-30% profit to make it worth the effort). This profit is based on the fact that crone/ecash rate isn't directly applied to items. Say you pay 100 mill for an item which is worth 100 ecash if you bought crone for 100 ecash you'd get 100 mill. But instead of 100 ecash this item is actually worth 400 ecash, this means you'll make 300 ecash profit (okay 260 ecash because of the 10% fee). (Ecash Profit)
    2. Buying items in game and selling them in game for a higher price. (crone profit)
    3. Buying items in game and selling them in game for crone and selling the crone for Rp’s (10% Fee) (Ecash profit)
    4. Buying items for Ecash and selling them for Ecash (10% fee) (Ecash Profit)

    There are more ways but these are a bit devious (like buying crones from ecash to buy an item in game for crones to sell it for ecash)

    I would advise to keep most of your wealth in Ecash (around 80-90%) and maybe 10-20% in crones since those are easier to get. It’s also possible to keep ‘’money’’ in the form of items such as Trans XP Pouches or Proofs. This way your money is an investment that can go up or down depending on the demand. It’s not something I would suggest to do with all your money but it can’t hurt to put a portion aside in items rather than currency.


    Would you like to see anything added to this guide? Leave it in a comment and I might add it.
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    Oops he did it again.
    had a good lol at this xD
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    Hoe lee shutz
    Looks like ill be reading a lotz
    Hope you get a nice slap of RPs on that face of yours xD
    I wish haha, happy reading!
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    As stated on the other thread, i've replied for this helpful guide with further questions
    awaiting your reply i am thanking you a lot for this

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    wow, so much passion in this game. This is very helpful not only to beginners but to all who are active in this game. Keep it up!

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    A lot of PPL in your server are more credible and way better than you when it comes to discussion and giving advise. You are just sh1t and don't know anything about this game.
    lol when player number 1 and 2 are one in the same lel!!!

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    wow, so much passion in this game. This is very helpful not only to beginners but to all who are active in this game. Keep it up!

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    The orc kings part is a thing i will work on a lot

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    Orc Kings are lvl49-50

    Quote Originally Posted by DiegoRenault View Post
    As stated on the other thread, i've replied for this helpful guide with further questions
    awaiting your reply i am thanking you a lot for this
    You've gotten your answers in other thread I think

    Quote Originally Posted by dayday31416 View Post
    wow, so much passion in this game. This is very helpful not only to beginners but to all who are active in this game. Keep it up!
    Thank you lmao, funny to see that comming from you XD

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    lol when player number 1 and 2 are one in the same lel!!!

    I lolled so much lmao
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