Hello Shiltzians

The most sweet and tasty update has arrived!

Behold the dessert invasion. This time Shiltz will meet a delicious challenge and you will be a part of it.

Journey and discover new maps filled with funny and also dangerous creatures.

The Candy Village!

Filled with delicious monsters. This new field will be a refreshing taste to your game.

Cookie Men?

Of course you will encounter new and sweet powerful bales that will challenge your skills to the max!
Engage them at your own risk!!!

The Chocolate Forest

This new and mysterious place has become the hideout of dangerous high level bandits. Will you be able to discover what their scheme is?


Yes, there are more levels for everyone to achieve. Challenge yourself and become even stronger with the 10 new levels added.

It won't be easy! No pain , no gain!!!


Einhorn is a very important word, don't forget that name and you may discover what is behind everything.
Be well preared and test your capabilities.

That's not all.

NEW WEAPONS for more power!
NEW ARMORS because protection is always of use!

Take your character to new heightsl and gear up with the best of Einhorn!

NOTE: The new weapons/dungeon will be arriving on early 2019!


Of course , hunting and farming will be well rewarded.
During your new journey you may find the new "Treasure Boxes" hidden in some of the fields of Shiltz

Last but not least.


This time, leveling up will be a piece of cake.
And for this you will be rewarded with TIME WARP GOLD and other items for your efforts.

The "Level up Fairy" will be waiting for you. Make sure to pay her a visit!

This and some other new things were added in this massive yet exciting

NOTE: The GMs are preparing for you a new big event. Stay tuned for news!