Hi all, at first sorry for my bad english.

Build Edwin armor that have +100 pdf was easy, you must have about 1m crones and little patience. Go to armor merchant and buy "magic items" - parts you need and then forge it. You can get "parts" with 2x pdf, for example - for Tormaline armor it was 24pdf max. And it was before... After last patch when you buy magic items you cant get even +10 pdf bonus, for Tormaline its about +7 or +8 max. Now when you try forge your Edwin armor you can have about 35 pdf bonus. I dont know if this is a bug or some kind of fix but it is problem for ppl that try craft weapons or armors. If you "Extract" armor with 35 pdf you can get grade C stones from it and you must forget about craft items grabe B or grade A. Offcourse it is still a chance to get edwin with 7x, 8x pdf, still you can get parts from some quests in game but lets say the truth - who do quests in this times and its can be done only once. What sense have craft in this game if you cant craft anything usable.