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This year we will have a great Halloween Season. Enjoy the new updates that we bring to you.

Lord of the Seas Adventure

The good Jacky reached the top and became the Pirate King, but his crew betrayed him and stripped him of all his power.
Now he is looking for a new crew and REVENGE! The "Pirate King Jacky" will give you 5 new quest.

Note: The first quest will ask you to collect mysterious bones. You can get them by killing any monster in the world.

Black Diamond Traitors

Help the Pirate King Jacky to take revenge. Kill these traitors, they are in Via Marea to the left of Vena.

New Title and Pirate Set

New Chests

Black Diamond Chest

Revenge Chest

This will be a great Halloween season. Enjoy it that will not last long.

Keep Enjoy Rohan.

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