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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandy0222 View Post
    can you read my post again and carefully?

    my question is " is there any minimum level required " ???

    you can try to create a new account with 5 characters are all level 1, see can you get the prize

    and then, you can level 1 character up to level 50 and relog in, see can you get the prize

    my question is not "You will receive the prize on the first character that login on the game each day"
    Apparently yeah, minimum 50.
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    Come on GMs

    it's time to WAKE UP

    Always say we will investigate this issue

    Even GMs don't know the rules of this event????


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    Quote Originally Posted by Andizchen View Post
    Is there a requirement for character level so that it counts as login in 1 account? for example like having a character with a minimum level 50 in one account?
    Yes, level 50

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    See, that's what GMs do when they made mistakes.
    GMs will never admit their mistakes and this causes players' confusion.
    Do you GMs think this is the best way to clearfy your mistakes?
    In my opinion, this is the worst way

    Quote Originally Posted by Volkmyre View Post

    Hello Andizchen

    There is not a minimun level required to participate and get your prize. Remember that the item will be sent to your cash item bank and some of them will be sent to the character who logged 1st on that day.
    Take into account that these items are not tradeable. And for the ultimate prizes, these will be sent right after the October 9th Maintenance on the 1st character who log.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KurumuGM View Post
    Yes, level 50

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