The fate of the 10th Order

The followers of Doomfist invaded our base in the Temple of flox. They stole a valuable orb that contained part of Edoneh's power.
They did not manage to control the power of the orb and now it is destroyed. The power was so great that the remains turned into dust spread throughout Roha.

The 10th order has protected us for 10 long years. It's time to help them, Rohanians. You can get the Edoneh's Dust from any monster in the world.

To help the 10th order, you should talk to Feng at the Fishing Hole.
Feng could give you the following rewards:

10th Order Box

10th Order Package

You can get this package only once. It contains all the items in the list.

  • 10th order Hat (15 Days)
  • 10th order Costume (15 Days)
  • 10th order Glasses (15 Days)
  • 10th order Earrings (15 Days)
  • Radiant Ancient Enhancement Stone
  • 150,000 IP Ticket
  • Walter's Sealed Medal/
  • Adventurer EXP Pouch(Ultimate)

Set Effect
2 SET: Attack: +50, Defense: +50
4 SET: All Status: +10, Attack; +80, Defense: +80

Title "Rohanian"

To get this title you must get the "Rohan Certificate" and the "Rohan Experience"
You can find these items within the 10th Order Box. You can also get it by killing Doomfist (Very rare).

The End of Doomfist

Help the 10th order taking revenge!!
Fight against doomfist and receive great rewards. You can find it near the temple of Flox.

When Doomfist dies it has a chance to give you the Doomfist Pouch that contains very good rewards. By killing the Doomfist's Slaves you could also get the Doomfist Slave Pouch.

Celebrate with us these 10 years of R.O.H.A.N. We will have more news soon.

Thanks for the support, Rohanians.

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N .: Blood Feud Team-