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    [Event] Halloween Journey

    Greetings Shiltizens,

    Halloween event is finally here!

    Are you ready to start your journey to find the Halloween Lost Boxes that were stolen by the Bales from the Reaper?

    Inside this chests you can find amazing halloween goods and also have the chance to find the lost crafting manual " Reaper's Scythe Manual" to make your own Reaper's Scythe, an amazing and exclusive Halloween multiclass weapon!

    You can find Korno at the center of Elim.

    Korno Questline:

    1st step: Give Korno 10 Old Pumpkin and 30 Chest filled with Death found inside Halloween Lost Box.

    2nd step: Give Korno 1 Fire Crystal and 1 Flame of Hell found inside Halloween Lost Box.

    3rd step: Give Korno Reaper's Scythe Manual and 20,000,000 cegels.
    4th step: Congratulations, Korno crafted you the "Reaper's Scythe" weapon!

    All items needed to craft your Reaper's Scythe can be found inside Halloween Lost Box!

    This event is available until November 7th maintenance.

    The extra content from Halloween Lost Box is a mistery and you have to discover by yourself by hunting the bales that have stolen them!

    Any world bale is a suspect from stealing this boxes from the Reaper, so you can search for them in all Shiltz World!

    Bales from Dungeons and Raid are not valid.

    We hope you enjoy this Halloween event and obtain this amazing prizes!

    Love Seal^^!

    Seal: BoD Team

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    please tell me about dungeon map,
    what clement dungeon includes dungeon?

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    I guess dungeon means Sage and Alca.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke1606 View Post
    I guess dungeon means Sage and Alca.
    While waiting GM answer...
    On the Hammer of the Gods Returns! event, the collected items not drop on the Ice Castle . Sage Tower and Alcanez are instance dungeon. So, on this event, I think, the items will not drop on Clement mine, as Clement Mine is a dungeon.

    But you can try.....
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    how to find reaper's scythe manual?

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    we found empty BOX and we can't drop it.
    is that bug or just empty box, let us know it


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    I've got a lot of boxes, but none of them contain event's stuff. and i cant drop that empty boxs.
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    Hi GM, I happened to had an empty opened box, and it can't be dropped. Can you fix this ?

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    u can sell it on NPC

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    I just got two helloween boxes in Blue Eye Dungeon. So, what is the meaning with "Bales from Dungeons and Raid are not valid."? What penalty will I get if I got boxes inside the dungeon?

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