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    Start a witch hunt for me?!(*゚ロ゚) Haha, am back from the holidays but been listening to kpop still!!

    Omggg IU is so pretty and her voice is no exception. Here is a fav ballad from her:

    Currently really into this song right now. Makes me want to dance xD:
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    So yesterday (1/5) was the 10th year anniversary of Gee which means rohan is almost 11 years old at this point.

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    Oof, a decade old now

    Speaking of time, Big Bang is also a decade old now~ I like this version of Taeyang's EYES, NOSE, LIPS with TABLO more than the original- it's all in english and the lyrics are just genius and #relatable (e.g. favorites of mine include: "you’re the victor in this pageantry but the only trophy you deserve, catastrophe" and "so take it slow and let time heal everything they say that time flies, but you keep breaking its wings" Damnnnnn boi(・□・;)
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