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    Restore ticket not update almost 1 week

    I do a change gender in my char, but i send a ticket to GM almost 1 week and have no response or restore my items. My seal exp is not waiting. And i need gears back to pvp. Please tell me how long to do it ?

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    ikr, i have 2 tickets aswell, other things, that was sent to the higher ups a week ago...no response and im not allowed to write anything or it will take longer time..

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    Calm yah T**s lol
    I've just did a change race yesterday so I need restoration.. Begged for them to make it fast but I think I really just need to wait. T.T

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    Yea i think we have to wait 1 year later.

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    I waited 2 weeks, they eventually restore it but it takes time
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    to all of you who waited so long... did you open a ticket when you deleted those items that included the date and time you deleted them (within a minute or so) so they can verify the deletions? Otherwise it takes forever to hunt through the logs to find the deletions you did.

    As a side note I do not see any reason at all to SEAL a character prior to a sex or name change. It is a 10-second operation to click off a stored procedure boot you off the server and to do the job. There really is no need to jump thru these sealing hoops. Class changes are a whole other ball of bugs though.

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