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    Playing berserker who also overpowered also not fun.
    3-4 hit for killing 10-20 monster level above (I dont even use 2nd class XG weapon)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashmstrike View Post
    Playing berserker who also overpowered also not fun.
    3-4 hit for killing 10-20 monster level above (I dont even use 2nd class XG weapon)
    no thats a good thing. comboing is slower than casting, hence most zerks switch from sm after gaining a lot of levels.

    The combo buffs are intentional and working. Don't ask for a change on that lool.

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    I play a craftsman. And now, I can throw bomb without losing any HP(only indicate red miss on my character).
    The bomb damage is also increased. My damage is 320 .I can throw npc bomb to kill a group of dancing pumpkins with 2 hits with only Lv1 skill(around 1400 per hit).
    However, the npc doesn't sell the actual bomb manual at all.
    The 300 dusk bomb manual that he sell is a manual to make head of pumpkin ghost.
    While the 300 laxative bomb manual is a manual to make randomly part of box costume(beginner armor).
    Luckily, he sell a bomb which is 200 cegels each too.

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    I'm going review some gunner skill

    Pro for Gunner
    First, I love new skill of gunner which is leeching damage with 10% healing (i forgot what it called.. is Kill Shot?), while my damage is 30k it's heal me 3k.. for that thank God i didn't have to bring red potion anymore for grinding,
    Second, Headshot skill damage UNBELIEVEABLE! 330k when it's critical like every single monster on shiltz just 1 hit (no bosses)
    Third, Reload skill AWESOME for PVP while the headshot damage got UNBELIEVEABLE, this skill is passive make reset headshot skill duration (when it's not update it doesn't work at all), and if you luck you can hit with the Headshot skill 3 times in a row (as far as i got), I believe no one could survive that
    Fourth, Siege Mode THIS SKILL IS CRAZY! it make us cannot move but increase damage on stat 150 points!

    Cons for Gunner

    I didn't see any Cons for this update

    last word is.. CMIIW!

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    any detail for berserker skill balance?

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    Well now. A week without maint and when we get one it's only small fixes. z_z I wonder if we have to continue playing our classes like this for the rest of the year because if so i may quit until it's fixed. Doesn't seem right that you need to be extremely geared just to kill anything with the bugs on. Despite this, I still take a while to kill one monster. I could only imagine what would grinding be like for me if I didn't have the gears I have now. -_-

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    For Berserkers? It's been broken for a long time. Just report it anyway, maybe it will get fixed. I went to Seal Facebook and saw that they did fix the bugs that we report so maybe they could fix class damage too. Just report it.

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    PvP bug (everyone's damage is a lot lower than it is in PvE) is still active and so is the LUK bug. (PvP Bug doesn't even effect it, and if it actually does. it's not significant) I find it odd just those two appeared in our server in such a structured way. Almost as if it was intentional to lower the damage in pvp to attempt to balance. And the LUK stat being a modifier booster as player damage just to separate PvE builds from working in PvP and vice versa.

    In any case, intentional or not. It's a terrible job, I'd prefer it back to how PvP normally was before, and still is in the Korea server.

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    So, few days ago Unica appeared on elim and some player crowding him.
    I suggesting him to create a thread for changelog and update list and he said he will try.
    And then I heard today is his last Warzone.

    @youknowho : Does Warzone use main server stat spread or unison server stat spread ?
    Maybe it was developer fault because GM mostly use developer default setting.
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    how gambler in new patch? any new skill or skill change?

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