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Thread: Class Updates!

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    Class Updates!


    The long awaited class balance updates are here!
    Check them out below!

    Rebalanced Skills:
    - Most Skills have had their damage numbers adjusted to be more balanced
    - All Stat and Skill points have been refunded!

    New Class Abilities:
    - Classes have received new abilities! Here are some examples
    - Fire Wizard: Dancing Flame
    - Ice Wizard: Stormy Justice
    - Assassin: Deadly Poison
    - Templar: Hand of God

    New Class Party Buffs:
    - These abilities will buff your entire party
    - Each buff increases AP rate and has an additional bonus
    - Only one buff can be active in a group at any time

    - Warrior: Warrior's Inspiration- Increases Damage
    - Knight: Knight's Command- Increases Defense
    - Mage: Mage's Counsel- Increases Magic
    - Priest: Priest's Encouragement- Increases HP
    - Jester: Jester's Urge- Increases Movement Speed
    - Craftsman: Craftsman's Eye- Increases Crit and Drop Rate
    - Hunter: Hunter's Knowledge- Increases Accuracy

    Skill Tree Improvements:
    - The Skill window display has been changed to make it more clear which abilities need to be leveled up to unlock others
    - The Skill Up system has been streamlined and improved

    Meet your new self!
    - Seal Online Team
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