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    anyway someone has flown a long long way to take me out on my bday so uhh ill book u inlater buddy

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    Songs are everywhere...
    Not every music will feel and be touched...
    Making complemented by someone on your song...

    Lost roaming around as Ghost
    "Don't take it as a reason,

    take it as a compliment,"

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    Create a thread in lifestyle or everyday life section.

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    Im gonna take a stab and say thanks

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    Ah k


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    Quote Originally Posted by Baked12345 View Post
    Try out "Soundcloud" Worshipmyduck, you can get fans in there and you'll see who listens to your music

    Yeah try making one.. So you can do "RADING" my stuff.
    i have 1 and some fans here


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    cheers bruh..i posted the links in other post ..ops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baked12345 View Post
    I've been using that thing since I had my Ipad.
    Making beats at Garageband is one of my hobbies though. hehehe
    I know that app, you can also plug your electric guitar to your phone or mac pc if neighbors are complaining about your loud 15 watt amp =.= Geez. I was thinking of switching to iphone but a I already have a guitar plug which I received as a gift... But still, this app still makes me want to buy iphone. >.<

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