Dear Game Master/s
I'm sorry to disturb your time at this time. But i have a concern regarding my pet. I forgot to feed my pet, therefore my pet dies. With this ticket, I want to inform that I'm willing to buy the Revival Letter and here is the description of my pet, as you can see below:

Pet Name: Fox Fire Kitsune +9
Pet Additional Options: Defensive Damage Increase 2%
Server Name: Duran
What Time and Date It Dies: Monday 11/04/2019 06.04 PM PST
Where Were Your Character When It Dies?: Western Red Soil
What Your Character Nickname Had This Pet?: Erythro
How Did You Get Your Pet (trade/evolve/etc)?: Trade

Thank you for your time reading this ticket and really sorry to disturb your time. Thank you in advance for you fast reply.

Best Regards,