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    I watched these 2 days ago and I did not expect it to be so good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonic6000 View Post
    This is awesome! I'll add this one to my watch list.

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    Batman vs Superman : Dawn of justice - final trailer

    This one has some decent fight scenes as well as some sneeky-peek wonder woman dialog & action
    Grapevine has it that this will be out in about a month

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    based on a true story. A girl held captive for 8 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliencreature View Post
    based on a true story. A girl held captive for 8 years
    Oh gosh, that would be rough to watch :/

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    Just make it a good one eh?
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    My personal list:

    1: The Shawshank Redemption
    2: 7 Pounds
    3: Forrest Gump
    4: Donnie Darko
    5: Into The Wild
    6: Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
    7: Inception
    8: Good Will Hunting
    9: The Usual Suspects
    10: Sixth Sense
    11: Silence Of The Lambs
    12: Intouchables
    13: The Green Mile
    14: The Departed
    15: Reservoir Dogs
    16: Pulp Fiction
    17: A Beautiful Mind
    18: Shutter Island
    19: Life Of Pi
    20: Lucky Number Slevin
    21: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
    22: Leon(The Professional)
    23: Million Dollar Baby
    24: Yip Man 1 & 2
    25: American Beauty
    26: Se7en
    27: The Pusuit Of Happyness
    28: Interstellar
    29: American Psycho

    Watch any of these, you will not be dissappointed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xXxAurorAxXx View Post
    Oh gosh, that would be rough to watch :/
    Yes, true. But most people that watched this and read the book said that this movie is not really that unnerving compared to the book. Poor girl, google says that the girl developed a Stockholm Syndrome. She's 27 by now.

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