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    2nd Job change! All Class

    Welcome guys, in this guide I will compile a list of job change missions done by


    Sorry for not remembering the names of the true creators! If you know their names, say me

    and i will post it. =)

    Although they remain anonymous in this forum the same way thank you very much for

    they work! I hope not feel offense for open this post without their permission.

    All gratitudes must be for them

    I do this guide only for the easy reason (release new forum) and the new peoples need

    guide for job change.

    Upon reaching level 50 , You will receive two job change quest.
    Reminders : Dont party with other people while questing.


    - Defender

    Proceed to Istvan Baileys at Einhoren.

    He will ask you to get a quest item named Journal , Found at Ahkma Cave (Specters

    Room , Near Shamanistic Specters) It's appearance is a Aged Wooden Box.

    After submitting the journal to Istvan , He will ask you to speak with Humphrey ( The

    guy who gives the Drexter Money Quest ) Also found at Einhoren.

    Humphrey will ask you to go to the Mossy Statue at Dharvegawan , D9 Below the map.

    You can get at Dharvegawan by using a Limestone Foothill Portal Stone then walk or

    ride with your mount and proceed to the Mossy Statue.

    Be careful with those 50+ Paragon With Doctors.

    After speaking with the Mossy Statue , Proceed back to Humphrey.

    Humphrey will ask you to speak again with Istvan Baileys.

    And this is the last part of the quest , Istvan Baileys will ask you to slay Nheias and four

    of its minions , the Mandrakes.

    Nheias can be spotted at Liom , again teleport using the Limestone Foothill Portal Stone

    then proceed walking/riding to Nheias.

    Follow the track of the road and when you get at I-8 ( map coords ) You could see a

    Wooden Towerlike Structure at your left side.

    Turn left and trace this road.

    You could see a Wooden Gate , Thats where Nheias is.

    Kill first Nheias ( Her damage sucks but she got higher HP ) Dont worry about

    Mandrakes , coz they suck too.

    After killing Nheias , kill 4pcs of Mandrakes. Mandrakes dont stop respawning , After

    killing 4pcs just Run and Use Town Portal Stone , Go Back to Einhoren.

    Proceed to Istvan Baileys.


    You are now a Defender!

    - Guardian

    First Quest
    You need to find Camila (bindstone guard) at Caronia's tomb bindstone located at

    varrylon. Buy a limestone foothill portal stone, portal there, and walking from limestone

    foothill bindstone is easier to get there.

    Second Quest
    After you chat with Camila, you need to kill one boss named Boyton Haraford located

    near southwest of Varrow Forest bindstone. Varrow Forest is at east of the varrylon

    map, Geizan map. from Caronia's tomb, follow the route and walk to the east. You will

    arrive Geizan map.

    Keep walking to the east at Geizan map. After u cross the bridge, u can see there is Ursa

    mage at yr right hand side(from character sight), and boyton is on a hill(can be called as

    high-land) behind the Ursa mage, surrounded by paragon guardian. Although boyton

    haraford is with aura, but it is easy to kill. after killing boyton, follow the instruction and

    looking for next NPC to pass the quest (whether palace NPC or Camila, I forget).

    After that you will busy getting many exp from walking around palace to pass the quest.

    After that, palace NPC will order you to find a "traces of Dhan". It is in Caronia's Tomb

    dungeon (north of Caronia's bindstone). Try to find some follower, better a priest to

    barrier you so you wont get hurted by magic mobs.

    In the dungeon, get to the room I marked. After going to the room, the "box" is at lower

    right corner of the room (when you stand at the room entrance), shaped like a steel box.

    when u open the box, REMEMBER DONT PARTY TO ANYONE or you have to do

    the quest again.

    After finishing this quest, pass it to the palace NPC and get ready for the next boss.

    This last boss is located at Varrylon map also. It located at the small island south-west of

    pine plateau bindstone. For the big map u could see a yellow dot with "3rd Water

    Element", ere is the location of the boss. This boss is surrounded by 3 beholder shape lv 1

    magic mobs. Kill all 3 of them and final is the boss. This boss need long time to kill but it

    only hurts you a bit compare to the 3 lv1 magic mobs.

    After killing the boss, pass it to the palace NPC.


    You are now a Guardian!


    - Scout

    Quest 1:

    1. Talk to quest starter Senecca in Kai non, take the scout quest
    2. Go to gray dawn tower in ELF map[kai'non]. Find the statue, its in the middle of gray

    dawn tower.
    3. Interact with the statue, then your quests updates.
    4. Go back to the quest starter in kai'non.

    Quest 2:

    1.Receive the 2nd scout quest in kai'non from Senecca.
    2. He will give you a lvl 1 dagger.
    3. Find a BERG boss, and kill it with the lvl 1 dagger.
    (Berg boss locations: ahkma cave sword room, a litte east of Pine platu bindstone, monnt

    bloody hills f5, Vena area near ursa warriors and apir nobles)
    4. Return to kai'non.

    Quest 3:

    1. Receive the 3rd scout quest in kai'non from Senecca. She wants you to find the FELIX

    2. Go to black dragon sanctuary in Geizan Map. (Travel to pine plateu bindstone and

    head EAST to reach black dragon sanctuary)
    3. When you are inside black dragon sanctuary, go straight follow the path.
    4. When you reach the first split path, take the right path.
    5. When you reach the second split path, take the right path.
    6. Keep going forward and u will eventually come across a room with flame spites and

    some other mobs.
    7. Inside that room you will find the FELIX BOX. Open the felix box.
    8. Quest updated, go back to kai non senecca to end this quest.
    (Side note: Be prepared before you enter black dragon sanctuary, get some lesser elixers or

    some friends to help you)

    Quest 4:

    1. Get the 4th scout quest in kai non from senecca.Now shes want you to kill 15 mob to

    get 15 items.
    2. Teleport to pine plateau bindstone
    3. Head west to shrouded mansion, and then continue heading west from shrouded

    4. You will then come across a bunch of Morvols.
    5. Kill 15 of them.
    6. Go back to kai'non
    7. Talk to Zhonat Rotus in kai'non.
    8. Zhonat rotus will give you another quest.
    9. All you have to do for this quest is to go and talk to Senecca in kai'non.


    You are now a Scout!

    - Ranger

    1. At the village of Half Elves (Kainon) speak with Senecca, tell her that you wish to

    become a ranger. Your task is to kill the Orc Boss and 10 Orc Warriors.

    2. Report back to Senecca after you accomplished killing them

    3. Talk to Lachet (Kai鈥檔on Magic Weapon Merchant)

    4. Go back to Senecca and get rohan quest part 3

    5. You need to go to Felix鈥檚 record marbles. First record marble is located in Vena鈥

    檚 Crea workshop in Via Marea map

    6. Felix鈥檚 second marble is located near Juba鈥檚 Waterclock in Del Lagos map.

    7. The third Felix鈥檚 record marble is located near Limestone foothil, Varvylon map

    8. Felix鈥檚 fourth marble is near the Topaz Quarry, Geizan map.

    9. After going to all these locations, report back to Senecca for the four part of the rohan

    ranger quest

    10. The Rohan Ranger Quest part IV requires you to acquire the Fragment of Ohn from

    the boss Lord of Flames located in Varvylon (J4)

    11. Go back to Senecca

    12. Speak with Zhonat Rotus then go back to Senecca.


    You are now a Ranger!
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    - Priest

    The Rohan Priest Quest requires you to go to Lauke Monastery, slay a bird, then go back

    and forth to speak with Shailina. Quest is fairly easy, you just need some help in killing

    the Elysian bird

    1. Start the Rohan Priest Quest by talking to Shailina at the Vena Castle

    2. Talk to Leomina at the Crea workshop.

    3. Report back to Shailina, she鈥檒l tell you to look for Lacriss

    4. The next part of the rohan priest quest is to go to Lauke Monastery (I-9), enter the left

    door and you will find Lauke.

    5. Lacriss will then instruct you to kill the lauke monster located behind the Goddess

    fountain outside (C5 of Vena map)

    6. Report back to Shailina

    7. Shailina will ask you to go at the center stone in Crea workshop.

    8. Speak with Shailina again

    9. Go to the Temple Marea and get the scripture on Protection straight out of the box

    10. Talk to Shailina

    11.You need to kill the Marea鈥檚 Elysian bird which is near the Goddess fountain.

    12. After killing the bird, clicked on the temporary holder/silver box behind it.


    You are now a Priest!

    - Templar

    *Portal Stones can be bought at Gathering Hall...
    *All Boss/Mobs that you need to kill doesnt hurt much w/ good equips...

    1.When you reach lvl 50 talk to Viviana Nadiv in Vena to start Templar Job Change.

    2. Talk to Palasina @ (I4) Blooming Sorrow Bindstone (Vena)

    3. Talk to Riphalia @ (F3) Orc Fortress Bindstone

    4. Talk to Guliermo @ (F2) Dragon Eyes Bindstone (Vena)

    5. Return to Viviana Nadiv

    6. Talk to Lacriss inside Luake Monastery Between I/J in Vena

    7. Go to Armana Manor @ (C3/4), you can go there by Orc Fortress or GH... (use the road

    between Orc Fort and Manor)
    These one is a little hard to do if your going solo and got poor armors... (Avoid as much as

    you can)
    it is overrun by Elder Banshee lvl 47 magic/range mobs... (Ouch!)
    at the center of the Manor open the Chest called (Book of Spiritual Eyes)...

    8. Return to Viviana Nadiv

    9. Tele to Limestone Foothill and follow river edge to proceed to (F2 near F1) where you

    well find the Amazons...

    10. Return to Viviana Nadiv

    11. Go to Goddess Fountain but dont follow the road in
    Upper Left corner of C5 you well find some Chest and some Mobs
    Open a Chest and a Golem well come out Kill it to get the Quest Item... Open and Kill

    until you finish...

    12. Return to Viviana Nadiv (She will give you a Mace keep it you'll need it)

    13. Go to any Crystal Quarry that you think is the nearest... (Montt for me)

    pass by the 1st road going left
    follow 2nd Road going left
    follow 1st Road going down
    keep going down, you should be able to see the portal, now enter

    follow the road that splits to the left
    follow the road down
    just go down until a big room where the Quest is...

    Kill the 2 Souls with magic 1st (Holy Light)
    Equip "Ancient Scepter" to Kill Boss (Highly Magic Resistant use Melee)
    Get a Good Armor Set

    and your done... it should be a breeze if you follow the Tips...

    14. Return to Viviana Nadiv, And claim yout Birthright ^^


    You are now a Templar!
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    - Dragon Knight

    So you've hit level 50 and the wait is over...

    Not quite. Looks like you still have to do one more thing to become a Dragon Knight.

    1. Start by going to the NPC Surbhar in Rev'Deca. He will ask you to seek out another

    NPC, Talia.

    2. Talia is located at the Downstream of Shamar River bindstone.

    3. She will ask you to find a Statue of a Wailing Dragon, which is located at the entrance

    of the Black Dragon Sanctuary.

    4. After this, you need to speak with an NPC named Guliermo, located at the Dragon

    Eyes bindstone.

    5. Head back to Surbhar for the next part of the quest. He will ask you to deliver "the

    Remnants to the Altar of the Late King", which is located at Ferdinant's Mausoleum.

    6. After this, you will need to speak with Camila, an NPC located at the Caronia's Tomb


    7. Camila will give you a quest where you need to get 3 items, one after the other.

    1x Sealed Red Blade - Dropped by Fire Drakes
    1x Sealed Black Blade - Dropped by Black Drakes
    1x Sealed Silver Blade - Dropped by Glacial Drakes

    Note: These are also rare drops, so don't expect them to fall after a single kill.

    This is definately the hardest part of becoming a dragon knight.
    - All these dragons are located deep within Caronia's Tomb and you are expected to kill

    them in there.
    - There are also a couple known locations outside of dungeons where you can find fire and

    black drakes.
    - They are also located deep within the Black Dragon Sanctuary, which has a layout

    almost identical to Caronia's Tomb.

    If you have some friends who can party with you, or you're very strong and have

    confidence in your abilities, you can head straight into Caronia's Tomb and tear up some

    drakes. For the rest of you who probably aren't as strong yet are still thinking of soloing

    this, I'll go over where to find Fire / Black Drakes outside of the dungeons, which is the

    route I took when I did this quest. (However, I should say here that you're going to have

    to go into the dungeons anyways to kill the glacial drakes, so you might as well suck it up

    and bear with going straight into the dungeons. Either that, or become stronger, because

    getting only the red and black sealed blades isn't going to make you a DK, or even

    complete this part of the quest anyways).

    There is one Fire Drake which spawns in Flame's Cove. Its level 55 and surrounded by

    level 50 Flame Sprites but those shouldn't be a problem.
    Just kill the Fire Drake until you get the Sealed Red Blade.

    There are a whole bunch of Black Drakes which spawn in Myrtle Woods at D8. There

    are some tough monsters on the way there which are level 55+, but your mount should be

    able to run past them all. There is one Black Drake near the main road that spawns apart

    from the others, so there should be no problem dealing with it 1-on-1. Kill that sucker

    until he drops the Sealed Black Blade.

    Now for the Glacial Drakes.
    Sorry, but as of this moment, I don't know of any Glacial Drakes that are outside of

    dungeons. So for now, you are forced to head into Caronia's Tomb or the BDS. I tried the

    BDS first, but did not make it. I wouldn't recommend going there. Getting to the drakes

    isn't a problem, but the drakes are in groups of 3-4 and are all stuffed into this tiny

    corridor. If you're only level 50, they have montrous aggro on you and I found myself

    fighting 6 at a time (a combination of red and black drakes), also due to the fact it took

    me forever to kill each one so they would respawn faster than I could kill.

    IMO, Caronia's Tomb is much easier than BDS when you get to the drakes. They spawn

    in smaller groups and are much more spread out. You should only need to fight 2, maybe 3

    at a time max, which is much more feasible than 6.

    It just so happens the first group of Glacial Drakes you encounter in Caronia's Tomb is a

    group of 2 and they are both seperated from other mobs at a corner of a hallway, just

    waiting for you to kill.

    So go ahead and kill them until you get your Sealed Silver Blade. This took me 3 tries.

    8. Upon returning to Surbhar, he will tell you to speak with Bahadur, who is located in

    the palace of Rev閳ユ?eca.

    9. Kill the boss, Adharmha.

    Bahadur will ask you to obtain a Karbara鈥檚 Contract, which you get from killing a

    boss called Adharmha located in the Forest of Enlightenment at F4. She is a piece of

    cake, but does have the ability to stun you, so be careful anyways.

    10. Report back to Bahadur and he will tell you to see Surbhar again.


    You are now a Dragon Knight!

    - Dragon Sage

    1. Starting point - Haem in Rev Deca castle

    2. Speak to Talia - Bindstone Downstream of Shamar River in Armenes/Rev Deca map

    (location: D8)

    3. Goto Black Dragon Sanctuary to read text at the Statue of Wailing Dragon (location

    in Geizan C9)

    4. Go see Keeper of Dragon Eyes - (Guliermo is located at the Dragon Eyes Bindstone in

    Via Marea F2)

    5. Return to Rev Deca - see Haem

    6. Find the youngest child in Rev Deca - (Perisada is located just outside the Rev Deca


    7. Go to Crystal Quarry - Kill the Phoenix Croief (located by the portal leading to the

    second lvl of Crystal Quarry)

    8. Return to Rev Deca - see Haem

    9. Talk to Rivyn's Conscience - (location: Del Lagos - north central F/G 2 area)

    10. Find Sign of Sepa Rosa - (location: Aevraum - C9 at top of the tower)

    11. Go to Altar of Late King - Ferdinant's Mausoleum (located in Armenes/Rev Deca

    Map G8)

    12. Return to Rev Deca - see Haem

    13. Go to Armenes Altar; speak with Atiya - (location: Armenes/Rev Deca Map G5)

    14. This is the toughest part of the job change. Few things to keep in mind: if you travel

    in a party to safely reach the last room, you must withdraw from the party before you

    open the pot! You must do these in this order:

    > Go to Black Dragon Sanctuary (Geizan C9)- go to the last room west when you see the

    Shard of Baron Victor Vlen (a mean boss) - you will pass through a long hallway with

    serpent pillagers, then will see serpent outlaws standing outside the doors to room where

    the Baron is (when you see these you are very close). Enter room where Baron is, go left

    and stay next to the wall to avoid his wrath. Go down a small ramp/hallway where you

    will see a large pot in the room, (leave party at this point) and double click the pot. The

    horseman will appear and he's no problem 1 on 1. Help may be needed to keep all the mobs

    off of you. Also, in this room of the BDS, a mini boss spawns (the white wolf Violence

    Mahopatew or something like that). If the boss is there, quickly open the pot then

    everyone attack the boss, if you die you can return and the horseman will be standing

    there and can be pulled into the hallway with a range attack thus avoiding the mobs and

    the boss. You should obtain a Spillproof Basin on killing horseman once.

    > Go to Caronia's Tomb (Varvylan J6) - map of Caronia's Tomb is same as BDS so go to

    the same room as below. If in a party, withdraw before opening the pot. Kill horseman

    and obtain the Dryproof Basin.

    You can now solo the rest.

    15. Return to Armenes Altar - speak with Atiya (Armenes/Rev Deca G5)

    16. Obtain Scale of Armenes - Look for the Sluggish Wave (location: Armenes/Rev Deca

    north shore of F2) There you will see 4 mobs but no worries, they are all lvl 1.

    17. Return to Armenes Altar - Atiya will send you to Haem where you will be officially



    You are now a Dragon Sage!
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    - Predator


    Buy Portal Stones from the sundries merchant from the gathering hall

    * Artic Sea Portal Stone - For Dangerous Footprints
    * Engraged NetherWorld Portal Stone - For Serpenter Caliphs
    * Bergendy Brewery or Kainon Portal Stone - For Brand New Statue
    * Limestone Foothill Portal Stone - For The Three Demons

    You'll want to have these stones for easier traveling

    Bring A Soft Kahto Pet with you for more mobility

    You'll Encounter a LOT of Magic Type Mobs on your way to your quest
    just use hide skill for monster with level 55 and below..
    Stay away from them as much as possible


    1. Predator's Manners
    Talk to Gamaharo Huma.. then talk to him again..
    He'll ask you to talk to Hizino(melee weapon merchant)
    Then talk to Gamaharo Huma.. to finish the quest

    2.Kalis' Whereabouts
    Talk to Gamaharo Huma..
    talk to Avigail(Bindstone Keeper)
    she'll point out that you need to kill "dangerous footprints" monster(located at 3 G) to

    obtain the needed item
    then kill another 10 of the monster then report back to Gamaharo Huma

    3.Painful Realization
    talk to Gamaharo huma
    he'll ask you to collect 10 "bones of failure" from serpenter caliphs(Located at 3 I - or the

    3 bridges of dharvegawan)
    Report back to Gamaharo Huma

    4.Secret Without a Trace
    Talk to Gamaharo Huma..
    He'll ask you to talk to Damats Heartwell..
    Go to Sirka Observatory of Kai'non and find the Brand New Statue( Located at 2 G)
    Report back to Gamaharo Huma

    5.Three Demon's That Are Sealed
    Talk to Gamaharo Huma
    Go To Liom Map - ( 8 J Location) - you'll find three chests
    Open the Chest Of Kamash and kill him..
    Then The Chest Of Mara and Kill Him..
    Then the Last chest and Obtain a "blood of an Offering"
    Report Back to Gamaharo Huma

    6.New Mission
    Talk to gamaharo Huma..


    You are now a Predator!

    - Avenger

    Go to Dhan town to start quest for avenger.
    You will need to do 6 quests to become a Avenger.

    Quest 1:
    1.Talk to Damats Heartwell. Accept the avenger quest.
    2. Tele to enraged nether world bindstone.
    3.Then open up your Map, look at the left side of the map,
    look for 2 little bridges on the map connected to each other ontop of a red lava pool.
    4. Then head over to the bridges over lava pool on your map.
    5. There will be 1 Fire drake there, kill it.
    6. There will also be flame spites there, kill 10 of it.
    5. Return to dhan town and talk to Damats Heartwell to finish the first quest.
    Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the location:

    Quest 2:
    1. Damats in dhan town will give you another quest. Accept the quest.
    2. Buy artic sea portal stone from gathering hall and Teleport to Artic Sea bindstone.
    3. Then go to End of struggle at top right of dhan map.
    4. Find the orb of past there, interact with it.
    5. Then interact with orb of history.
    6. Then interact with statue of an Exiled King, exiled king statue will give you a dagger.
    7. Return to dhan town and talk to Damats Heartwell to finish this quest.
    Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the location:

    Quest 3:
    1. Damats will then give you the 3rd quest.
    2. Teleport to Pine plateau bindstone.
    3. Look at the screenshot of the map below and follow the red line.
    4. When u reach there, kill the 2 followers guards first, then kill the betrayed paladin

    5. Now teleport to artic sea bindstone.
    6. Go back to End of struggle at top right of dhan map.
    7. Interact with the statue of exiled Kings.
    8. Go back to dhan town and talk to Damats Heartwell to complete quest.
    Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the betrayed paladin horseman


    Quest 4:
    1. Damats Heartwell will give you the 4th quest.
    2. Teleport to limestone foothill bindstone.
    3. Go north into Liom Map.
    4. Go to the incomplete statue. Ignore the immortal guards, they can't be killed.
    5. Interact with the imcomplete statue.
    6. Return to dhan town and talk to Damats Heartwell to finish this quest.
    Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the location:

    Quest 5:
    1. Damats will then give you the 5th quest.
    2. Teleport to einhoren bindstone
    3. Go to juba waterclock
    4. On the left side of juba waterclock is a mob name Last berzen Guard captain.
    5. Kill her.
    6. Go back to dhan town and talk to Damats Heartwell to finish this quest.
    Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the location:

    Quest 6:
    1. Damats will give you the 6th quest.
    2. Don't worry, this one is easy. Just talk to him again to complete it.


    You are now a Avenger!


    - Berzerker


    1. This is the part where they give you a key and tell you to find a statue etc, very first

    part, just travel along the valley keeping an eye on your right (coming from the bindstone),

    until you reach a little hidden pathway up that hill there you’ll notice a sorta flat ground

    with the huge towers, search around there and you’ll find it in no time.

    2. They tell you to look for varks, (the ones carrying crossbows) these are where they hide.

    3. Venom spider ladys (cant remember the name) collection quest

    4. Mutant Giant boss hunt (easily find him lurking around, he looks exactly like an orc


    5. Red and Blue tatoo dye (FINAL BOSS) these are archers. Bring pots and if possible

    elixer, the blue one dies the fastest but deals the most dmg, the red one is tanky but deals

    low dmg. Try to kill blue first.


    1. Roughbark Drys, right outside the bindstone easy to find (collection quest)

    2. This is where the legendary Nakoff npc (that takes forever to find cause hes some

    drifter berzerker) gives you a key to open a barrel, this is where the barrel is.

    3. This is where Nakoff is hiding.

    These are not numbered in order but will give you a pretty dead on location for where

    these search and find quests are, all you gotta do is know what you’re looking for, look

    here, and its in one of these 8 spots.


    You are now a Berzerker!

    - Savage

    Quest 1:
    1. Talk to Brayden in Giants town. Accept the Savage quest.
    2. Teleport to Ezker bindstone go to H-6 coords on the map.
    3. There will be Deep Swamp Varcks that will yield the quest items.
    4. Kill and collect the quest items needed.
    5. Return to Giants town and report to finish the 1st part of the quest.

    Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the location:

    Quest 2:
    1. Rhett Travarre (beside Brayden) will give you the 2nd quest. Accept it.
    2. Teleport again to Ezker bindstone and go to H-5 of the map.
    3. Look at the screenshot of the map below and follow the red line.
    4. When you reach there, kill the TT Ghast monsters and collect the quest items.
    5. Go back to Giants town and report to finish the 2nd quest.

    Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the betrayed paladin horseman


    Quest 3:
    1. Rhett Travarre (beside Brayden) will give you the 3rd quest. Accept it.
    2. Teleport again to Ezker bindstone and go to center of Dolmen of Heroes (G-5)
    3. There will be TT Mages, kill those to collect quest items needed.
    4. Go back to Giants town and report to finish the quest.

    Quest 4:
    1. Talk to Rhett Travarre and accept the 4th part of the quest.
    2. Teleport to Limestone Foothill bindtone and go north into Liom Map.
    3. See the Screenshot below to know the locations of Paragorn Guardsman and
    Elder Archmage mobs kill those to collect quest items.
    Note: There will be many spots to kill those mobs. It up to you guys if you follow my

    links below.
    4. If you collected the quest items, Go back to Giants town and report to Rhett.

    Quest 5:
    1. Brayden will give you the 5th part of the Savage quest.
    2. Teleport to Pine Plateau bindstone. Go east to Giezan map.
    3. Go to Tormaline Quarry and Topaz Quarry. You just have to find and collect
    5 each of 2 different sacks. The Sacks respawn on its location.
    4. After you collected all the sacks, pay a visit to Toaz located north of Silva temple,
    He will give something to you and deliver it to Brayden.
    5. Go back to the Giants town and be ready for the final quest.

    Quest 6:
    1. Brayden will give you the final part of the Savage quest.
    2. You are asked to kill the Typhoon Devil, Natura.
    3. Teleport to Ezker bindstone and go to J-2 coords of the map.
    4. Kill the boss and go back to Giants town and report to Brayden.


    You are now a Savage!
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    - Wizard

    First Quest: The disenchantment of a mage
    you can find those Whispering Flame Bush at Eibach, between D and E 4. in the corner

    of hill that shape like an X.
    Second Quest: The Queen’s Book
    Search the treasure chests in Membrano Royal villa (there are 3) and u should find the

    Third Quest: In the realm of fear
    Kill Kruggerands in entangle ruin around I3 and I4 untill u get the gold coin
    Fourth Quest: Flame of Flox
    go to Dharvegawan region, and u can find those boxes around G5 and H5 near the

    Fifth Quest: The sense of Serverance
    monsters are at Eibach between I4 and I5 (go all the way east)


    You are now a Wizard!

    - Warlock

    First Quest: Disenchantment of a Warlock
    Talk to Pascal Vistierre to recieve the first quest.
    Open your map and go to temple of flox to talk to Andelique
    Go to Eduardo Concert hall (BEHIND THE HALL, NOT IN THE HALL), click on

    the lump of moonstone, and kick its ass, forget about job change if you got owned. nah im

    Go back and talk to Andelique.
    Second Quest: Magicians Scale
    Go back to Montt, talk to magicians scale as instructed.
    Go to Limestone foothill and kill 50 paragon guardsmen
    Back to montt talk to magicians scale again
    Now go to gathering hall, and ride to Serpenter Swamp.
    You can find those calips deep at the middle of the swamp, they hit hard.
    Third Quest: Grand counselor Lazesus.
    Go to pine plateau and ride east all the way till the next map and you will see the NPC.
    Heres the fun part, but im going to spoil it anyways. (Memo is in ur invent) and make

    some elixirs, u will need it.
    1rst tongue : Temple of flox beside Adelique
    2nd: Altar of Roha : Behind huge statue.
    3rd: Temple of Silva : On the platform, do yourself a favor, ask for almighty and barriers.
    Fourth Quest:The foe Devtorre
    Go to limestone
    Go to the north map and head to Myrtle woods, bind urself incase.
    Stick to western wall and go south, u will see them, easy kills.
    Fifth Quest: Entrusted Future
    Port to dwarfhill using stones in GH,
    Go to H5 coordinates and kill it


    You are now a Warlock!
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    do me a favour. use some colors. make the wall of text look colorful.

    dont use the same colors for different sections(classes)

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    do me a favour. use some colors. make the wall of text look colorful.

    dont use the same colors for different sections(classes)

    So much for gratitude.

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    Done! enjoy it!

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    No, the colors actually REALLY help a lot.

    Thanks for posting all of this. It will be very helpful for everyone!

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    So much for gratitude.

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    Tommi i fkn hate you you stupid fkn fk fk fk.

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