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    Chimera Weapon Event!

    Maintenance on 4/10 will bring about our new Chimera Weapons! These weapons are crafted weapons with 5 slots on them and are similar to our Tali's Weapons. They are also usable at level 50! From 4/10-5/8 all monsters will have a small chance to drop a pouch as well. Opening this pouch will generate a random Chimera Weapon!

    If you are able to reinforce a Chimera Weapon to at least +6 you will be able to keep it! There is no limit to the number of weapons that you can keep so long as they are reinforced to +6 before maintenance on 5/8. All weapons that are not at least +6 will be removed from the game, so make sure you get them reinforced! Also, weekends during the event will have a 25% increased success rate for weapon, armor, and accessory reinforcement!

    How this works:
    1. Monsters throughout Rohan will also have a small chance to drop the weapon bag so you have the chance to get the one you desire
    2. Use Weapon Reinforcement Stones (strongly suggest using Reinforcement Abradants as well so as not to lose your Chimera Weapon) of varying quality to "plus" your Chimera Weapons
    3. Anybody who manages to reinforce one of these to +6 by maintenance on 5/8 will be able to keep it!

    Weapon Example:

    (Costume displayed is the new Verdict's Costume Set which is in the new Premium Box!)
    (Sockets are filled with our new 7 Day Soul Stones available in the Premium Mall for 75 RPs Each!)
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